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Predestination Or Free Will?

The Sovereignty Of Man

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From the beginning of time, thinkers have puzzled over the paradox of fate versus free will. In theological terms, this leads to the struggle between Calvinism and Arminianism.

  • Were we predestined to salvation?
  • Do we choose God, or does He choose us?
  • Who gets the glory for our salvation?
  • What about "once saved, always saved?"

What is the sovereignty of man?

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Was it predestined for Moses to strike the rock rather than speak to it?

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What are the implications about predestination in Luke 19?

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What are the base doctrinal issues of predestination and free will?

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What does the book of Ruth tell us about predestination?

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The Sovereignty of Man - MP3 Download - Chuck Missler

Internationally recognized Biblical authority, Chuck Missler, explores the fundamental paradox underlying our ultimate destiny.

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