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Putting On 'The Whole Armor Of God'

Armor For The Age Of Deceit

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  • We are all already in enemy territory. The time to put on armor is before the battle, not after it has already begun.
  • Are you equipped and prepared or are you a sitting duck?
Chuck examines crucial insights from Ephesians chapter 6 regarding combatting the mire of deceit which surrounds us today.


Are we at war?

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Are we a 'sitting duck' or are we prepared?

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What are our resources for this war?

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What is the 'Armor of God'?

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What are the elements of the 'Armor of God'?

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Armor for the Age of Deceit - MP3 Download - Chuck Missler

In this age of deceit and treachery it is vital to be protected from the consequences of the spiritual war raging around us. The Bible tells us to put on the whole armor of God. What is it? And when do you put it on?

Available in these formats:


The Armor of God: The Adequacy of our Helmet - Chuck Missler

The Armor of God: The Sword of the Spirit - Chuck Missler

The Armor of God: Our Quest for Truth - Chuck Missler

Seven Fold Spirit of God What Is the Mind of Christ? (Pt. I) - Nancy Missler

The Armor of God: Footwear For the Big Race - Chuck Missler

Be Ye Transformed: What Is Our Mind? (Pt. I) - Nancy Missler

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