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66/40 with Chuck Missler

The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it’s not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail!

Genesis Bible Study


Author: Moses (cf. Acts 15:1, Genesis 17)
Date: 1446 B.C. - 1406 B.C., during the Exodus wanderings.

Genesis is the book of Beginnings, telling of the creation of the heavens and earth, the first man and woman, the first human sin, the beginnings of different languages and tribes, of industry and inventions, and of the Hebrew nation. Many fundamental human traditions and habits have their initiation in Genesis, including marriage and wearing clothes. And from the very beginning of the book and the very first sin, God's plan of redemption begins to unfold. The key to Genesis is the discovery that Jesus is seen on every page!


Israel Tour 2005 and Genesis 3, 4 & 5 – The Fall of Man

''Israel Tour 2005!'', ''The Great Deception'' and ''The supernatural war against God''.

Genesis 9-15 – Babylon and The Call of Abraham

''The Tower of Bab-El'', ''The Prophecies of Babylon'', ''The call of Abraham''

Genesis 1:1-1:5 – Genesis

''Two Major Views'',''The Walk to Emmaus'', ''Creation Week''

Genesis 1:5-1:8 – Continuing in Genesis

''Satan: His Orgin, Agenda, and Destiny'',''The Mysteries of Light'', ''A Provocative Analogy''

Genesis 1:6-1:13 – The Properties of Space

''Four Demensions?'',''3rd Day'', ''God's Science Quiz''

Genesis 1:9-1:19 – The Anthropic Principle

''The Purpose of the Stars'',''The Planets'', ''The ''Sun Stood Still''?''

Genesis 1:20-1:31 – The Code of Life: DNA

''5th Day'',''What is life?'', ''6th Day''?''

Genesis 1:24-2 – The Architecture of Man

''The 7th Day'',''The Sabbath'', '''The Sabbath Continued'''

Genesis 3-5 – The Seed Plot of the Bible

''The Fall of Man'',''Bases of Marriage'', '''The Battle of the Seeds''

Genesis 4-6 – Hidden Messages In The Bible?

''Hidden Messages In The Bible?'',''The Days of Noah'', ''Daughters of Cain'''

Genesis 7-10 – The Flood

''Universal or Local?'',''The New Beginning'', ''Post-Flood World''

Genesis 9-15 – The Tower of Bab-El

''Japheth'',''The Doom of Babylon'', ''Mystery Babylon''

Genesis 12-20 – The Walk of Abraham

''Seven Promises'',''Abram's Separation From Lot'', ''Melchizedek''

Genesis 19-24 – The Birth of Isaac

''The Offering of Isaac'',''The Garden Tomb'', ''A Bride for Isaac''

Genesis 23-31 – The Descendants of Abraham

''The Death of Sarah'',''Jacob'', ''Jacob At Bethel''

Genesis 28-39 – Jacob's Wrestling

''Jacob and Laban'',''Changing of Names'', ''Dinah Avenged''

Genesis 37-45 – The Life of Joseph

''Judah's Sin with Tamar'',''Joseph Forgotten'', ''Pharaoh's Dreams''

Genesis 46-49 – The Family in Egypt

''Jacob's Family Honored'',''Jacob's Final Prophecies'', ''The Sceptor''

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