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The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it’s not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail!

Romans Bible Study


Author: the apostle Paul

Date: 67 A.D.

Romans, Paul's definitive teaching on Christian doctrine, is addressed to the saints - to believers - and it is regarded by many as the most comprehensive and profound book in the New Testament. This book will delight the greatest logician, hold the attention of the wisest of men and bring the most prideful soul to tears of repentance at the feet of the Savior.


The Book of Romans – The Grace of God Revealed

''Paul's cornerstone book.'', '' What is the true meaning of the Gospel?'', ''Gentiles vs. Jews - Who will be saved?''

Romans 1 - 2 – Condemnation of sinful , hypocritical man

''The Righteousness of God Revealed''. ''Condemnation of Moral Man''.

Romans 2 - 4 – Fallen Man and Salvation By Grace

''Case against the entire Human Race'', and ''God's greatest gift through faith''.

Romans 4 - 5 – Faith of the Old Testament and the Results of Justification by Faith

''Salvation by faith not works'', ''Two heads: Adam and Christ''.

Romans 6 - 7 – 'What about the sinner?'

''Believers are dead to sin, alive to God'', ''Believers united in Christ,'' ''Law School'

Romans 7 - 8 – Deliverance From Bondage and Death

''The Conflict of Two Natures'', ''Deliverance From Bondage'', ''Our Victory In Christ''

Romans 8 – Our Victory In Christ

''God's Logic For Our Security'', ''The Seven Questions of Eternal Security'', ''The Final Guarantee''

Romans 9 – Solicitude For Israel

''Solicitude For Israel'', ''The Blessings of Being a Jew'', ''God's Covenants Explored''

Romans 9 - 10 – A destiny for us and for Israel

'' Jacob vs. Esau or Faith vs. Works'', ''Three Case Studies'', ''The Word of Faith Brings Salvation''

Romans 10 – Setting the bedrock for the history of Israel

''the role of the Jews vs, the role of the Gentile'', ''The History of Israel from the Babylonian Captivity to the Abomination of Desolation''

Romans 10 - 11 – The History of Israel

''the history of Israel'', the ''most important chapter of Romans'', ''Israel is NOT cast away''.

Romans 11 - 12 – The Mysteries of the New Testament

''Why Jesus Spoke In Parables'', ''The Mysteries of the Bible'', ''The Rapture in the Old Testament'', ''Our Body is Like a Temple.''

Romans 12 - 13 – Be Ye Transformed!

''Be Ye Transformed!'', ''God loves a hilarious giver'', ''The whole world is under the control of the Evil One''.

Romans 14 - 15 – Principles of Conscience

''Be Subject to Government'', ''Is capital punishment Christian?'' ''Self-denial on behalf of others''

Romans 15 - 16 – Greetings and Love Expressed

''Paul's Prayer List'', ''The Most Painful Sin'' and ''Life is a Battleground''

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