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Featured Bible Study: John

Our current study is on the book of John. Grab your Bible and some note-taking materials and start your study by clicking on the audio links below. (or you can use the Blue Letter Bible links for the scripture reference). There are also some study questions that go along with each session.

For further study on this book, see the links below the audio bible study.

Our next study will be starting on November 30, 2014.

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Chapters 7 and 8

Was the Flood for Real?

Study Questions
(For the diligent student.)

1) Was Noah a real historical character? How do we know?
2) Did the flood really happen? How do we know? What evidences remain?
3) How many of each type of animal did Noah take into the ark? How did he know the distinctions?
4) Chart the 377 days on the ark.
5) What are the prophetic implications of Genesis 8:4?
6) What are some of the ecological changes in the post-flood world?

Discussion Questions
("Where two people agree, one is redundant.")

1) How big was the ark (in modern terms)? How many species could it have contained? How many were there to be contained?
4) Is the Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey, or is it in Iran?

Candidate Research Projects
(For the truly dedicated.)

Research the records and publications supporting the location of the ark
on Mt. Ararat in Turkey and contrast them with the possibilities that it
may yet lie in the region east of Babylon.

For the technically inclined: Contrast in detail the canopy theory (re: Henry Morris) and the hydroplate theories (Walt Brown) of the flood. [Don Patten believes the planet Mars may also have been involved.]

Preparation for the Next Session:
Read Chapters 9 & 10.



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