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Featured Bible Study: John

Our current study is on the book of John. Grab your Bible and some note-taking materials and start your study by clicking on the audio links below. (or you can use the Blue Letter Bible links for the scripture reference). There are also some study questions that go along with each session.

For further study on this book, see the links below the audio bible study.

Our next study will be starting on November 30, 2014.

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Chapters 40-45

The Amazing Story of Joseph in Egypt

Study Questions
(For the diligent student.)

1) Contrast the details of the two dreams that Joseph interpreted while in prison.
2) What is the possible significance of the detail that the bread in the baker’s dream may have had "holes" in it?
3) How long did he have to wait after the butler was released?
4) Why do we suspect that Joseph had been held in the cistern for 3 days?
5) Compare the careers of Joseph and Daniel: similarities and differences.
6) Compare the narratives of Jacob and Joseph: similarities and differences.

Discussion Questions
("Where two people agree, one is redundant.")

1) What may be the significance of two in
a) the number of dreams in his childhood;
b) the number imprisonments;
c) the number dreamers in prison;
d) the number of Pharaoh’s dreams?
2) Was it appropriate for Joseph to charge for the dispensation of food to the hungry?
3) Why do we suspect that Jacob had his suspicions about the fate of Joseph?
4) Discuss the manner in which Joseph handled his brothers on their 1st and 2nd visits to Egypt. Why did he do what he did, and what was accomplished?

Candidate Research Projects
(For the truly dedicated.)

1) Trace the use of bread and wine throughout the entire Bible.
2) Trace the use of "3 days" throughout the Scripture.
3) Trace the use of birds as adversatives in the Scripture.
4) Continue compiling your list of possible parallels between Joseph and Jesus Christ.

Preparation for the Next Session:

Re-read the career of Joseph, and focus on chapters 46 – 48. Also read chapter 50. (We will defer chapter 49 until our final session.)



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