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Muslims form ‘ring of peace’ to protect Oslo synagogue - February 22, 2015 (The Telegraph)

More than 1,000 people formed a “ring of peace” Saturday outside Oslo’s main synagogue at the initiative of a group of young Muslims. The event in the Norwegian capital follows a series of attacks against Jews in Europe, including the terror attacks in Paris in January and in neighboring Denmark last week.

Why are girls flocking to ISIS? - February 22, 2015 (New York Post)

An alarming number of young Western women are defying their families — and all logic — to join the ISIS barbarians. As many as 550 of the estimated 3,000 Westerners who have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic terrorists are female, according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London think tank.

Season of the witch: why young women are flocking to the ancient craft - February 24, 2015 (The Guardian)

Rapper Azealia Banks brought witchcraft back into the mainstream by tweeting ‘I’m really a witch’. But women in the US have been harnessing its power for decades as a ‘spiritual but not religious’ way to express feminist ambitions.

Islamic State in Syria abducts at least 150 Christians - February 24, 2015 (Reuters)

Islamic State militants have abducted at least 150 people from Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria they had raided, Christian Syrian activists said on Tuesday. A Syrian Christian group representing several NGO’s inside and outside the country said it had verified at least 150 people missing, including women and elderly, who had been kidnapped by the militants.

Who are the Assyrian Christians under attack from Islamic State? (+video) - February 25, 2015 (Christian Science Monitor)

For Assyrian Christians in present-day Syria and Iraq, religious persecution has been a constant for much of their modern history. The world was reminded of that stark reality Tuesday morning, when Islamic State militants reportedly captured dozens of Assyrians – estimates range from 70 to 150 – living in villages along the Khabur River in northeastern Syria. Their fate remains unclear, but fit a pattern of IS persecution of minorities in areas it seeks to subjugate.

Netanyahu says world powers ‘have given up’ on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons. - February 25, 2015 (Associated Press)

In his sharpest criticism yet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that world powers “have given up” on stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons in ongoing negotiations. Netanyahu’s comments, at a meeting of his Likud Party outside of Jerusalem, come as he plans to address the U.S. Congress on the nuclear negotiations.

The bullet that can change direction mid-air (video) - January 29, 2015 (CNN / YouTube & The Independent)

The United States Department of Defense has successfully tested a bullet that can change direction after it has been fired, apparently using fins built into the shell to direct it in the air and account for wind and targets moving. (The article at The Independent.)

Obama adviser John Podesta’s biggest regret: Keeping America in dark about UFOs - February 13, 2015 (Yahoo News)

Outgoing senior Obama adviser John Podesta reflected on his latest White House stint Friday, listing his favorite moments and biggest regrets from the past year. Chief among them: depriving the American people of the truth about UFOs.

British Boy Survived Three Failed Abortion Attempts, Now 11 Years Old - February 14, 2015 (LifeNews)

A baby in the U.K. survived three failed abortion attempts and was born alive at 24 weeks into the pregnancy. The baby boy was born at a local hospital after his mother changed her mind about the late-term abortion. Only coming to light in 2005, two years after the failed abortions, the baby boy is healthy and is one of the few survivors of an abortion and premature birth to remain alive. His story has been documented recently in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

LGBT Marriage Redefiners Introduce the “Throuple” – a Three-Woman “Marriage - February 18, 2015 (NowTheEndBegins & National Review)

What is the next marriage redefinition? It’s called a ‘throuple’, and in Massachusetts, a lesbian throuple is awaiting their first born child. Three married lesbians are the throuple who have made news with their newest ‘version of perversion’ of marriage. … This is exactly what the most die-hard conservatives warned about when same-sex marriage became a discussion.

Drones could be used to seek out arteries to prevent heart attacks - February 18, 2015 (The Telegraph)

Scientists have carried out trials using microscopic drones that could be used to seek and repair damaged arteries, preventing heart attacks and strokes. Researchers have completed the first successful tests of nanoparticles – which are targeted to go where they are needed – in mice, and hope to soon to conduct the first patient trials.

Obama rejected Jordanian King Abdullah’s pleas for Predator drones - February 05, 2015 (Washington Times)

The Obama administration this year turned down a request from Jordan for Predator spy drones that would help it locate targets in the war against the Islamic State. The refusal, disclosed by a House Armed Services Committee member, has gained attention since Jordan has emerged as a critical player in a U.S.-led coalition to destroy the Islamist terrorist group in the days after it released a video of its execution by fire of a captured Jordanian military pilot.

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