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“We may never know”: Census changes may obscure impact of ObamaCare - April 16, 2014 (FOX News)

Not even the nation’s official head-counter will be able to keep track of the comprehensive impact of ObamaCare, critics warn. The Census Bureau is in the midst of significantly changing its survey questions on health care, which some fear will make it difficult to give an accurate reading.

Vision risks for astronauts could be a Mars mission “showstopper” - April 16, 2014 (FOX News)

Mars may possess a stark and austere beauty, but a manned Red Planet mission will likely not be easy on the eyes.

Bloomberg to spend $50M on new gun control effort in challenge to NRA - April 16, 2014 (FOX News)

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will spend $50 million this year to build a nationwide grassroots network on gun control in a direct challenge to the National Rifle Association, The New York Times reported.

Pro-Russian insurgents seize armored vehicles - April 16, 2014 (FOX News)

Pro-Russian insurgents commandeered six Ukrainian armored vehicles along with their crews and hoisted Russian flags over them Wednesday, dampening the central government’s hopes of re-establishing control over restive eastern Ukraine.

Google files patent for smart contact lenses - April 15, 2014 (Tech Times)

Google is continuing to push forward on the wearable technology, announcing it has filed a patent for contact lenses that have a tiny camera on them, making Google Glass seemingly appear archaic even before its general public launch later this year.

Sun, Mars, Earth to align in rare cosmic event and more in April’s night sky - April 08, 2014 (FOX News)

Three planets are accessible during convenient evening hours, while a fourth — the brightest one of all — will appear in the sky just before sunrise. And with clear skies and a little luck, this bright planet (Venus) can lead you to the most distant full-fledged world in the solar system (Neptune) on Saturday morning.

Russia oil talks pose new hurdle to Iran nuke pact - April 08, 2014 (FOX News)

The United States could impose economic sanctions if Iran and Russia move forward with a reported oil-for-goods contract, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday, discussing with a Senate panel an emerging threat to talks designed to finalize a nuclear deal with Iran.

NASA Curiosity rover captures mysterious bright light on Mars - April 08, 2014 (FOX News)

A NASA picture of a mysterious bright light on Mars has sparked the interest of UFO believers. But before we cry extraterrestrial, the bright light may be nothing more than a “glinty rock.”

Congressman ‘Shocked’ by anti-Jewish Measures on Temple Mount - April 08, 2014 (Arutz Sheva)

An American Congressman has expressed his “shock” after witnessing anti-Jewish discrimination on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, during a recent fact-finding mission to Israel.

Kerry Blames Israel - April 08, 2014 (Arutz Sheva)

US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke before the Senate on Tuesday, where he blamed Israel for the breakdown of peace talks last week. “Israel didn’t release the Palestinian prisoners on the day they were supposed to be freed, and another day passed, and another day, and then another 700 settlement units were announced in Jerusalem, and ‘poof’…that was sort of the moment,” remarked Kerry before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

GM Slammed at Hearing for Failing to Address 57-Cent Defect Linked to Deaths - April 01, 2014 (FOX News)

Members of Congress tore into GM management during a heated Capitol Hill hearing probing fatal car wrecks linked to a defective part, claiming people died because the auto giant failed to fix what amounted to a 57-cent problem. “We know that GM made a series of terrible decisions, and we know that this tragedy has exposed significant gaps in federal law that allowed them to do so,” Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., said.

Rep. Ryan Unveils House GOP Plan to Balance Budget, Cut $5T in Spending - April 01, 2014 (FOX News)

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan renewed a fight with Democrats over spending cuts and deficit reduction, unveiling an updated Republican budget plan Tuesday that aims to cut spending by more than $5 trillion over a decade and balance the budget in that time. Similar to past proposals, Ryan’s plan would include cuts to food stamps and major changes to government-sponsored health care for the poor and working class. Ryan’s plan would also cut Pell Grants for low-income students and pensions for federal workers, while steering away from cuts to benefits for senior citizens, at least in the short term.

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