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Taliban’s ‘revenge’ for Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize - December 16, 2014 (International Business Times)

The Taliban has killed dozens of children at a Peshawar school in a revenge mission for Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai being awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Ahmed Rashid, an expert on the Islamic militants, told the BBC the insurgents had various reasons to attack the school, one of which was to send a message to the supporters of Malala, who advocates education for women and children.

Germans Rise Up Against Islamization - December 13, 2014 (Gatestone Institute)

There is a mounting public backlash over what many perceive as the government’s indifference to the growing influence of Islam in German society. This backlash represents a potentially significant turning point.

Don’t mess with ‘Merry Christmas’ in Texas - December 14, 2014 (The Star-Telegram)

“Our school officials and teachers have enough on their plate without having to worry about frivolous lawsuits for merely acknowledging Christmas or Hanukkah in our schools,” he told the media. “This law offers protection for and guidance to school officials and teachers. … Two other states — Tennessee and Missouri — have followed in Texas’ footsteps with similar laws. And more than a half-dozen other states have introduced similar measures.

The Moses I Never Knew: Why ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Fails to Inspire - December 14, 2014 (Bible Prophecy Blog)

However, no one, nowadays, expects Hollywood to not exercise artistic license and to revise its adaptation of the biblical text (and there are plenty in this film). Directors, it seems, just cannot be shackled with having to make their script conform to scripture; the revision plays to a modern audience so much better (after all, who wants the Bible to be boring?).

French parliament prepares new end-of-life legislation - December 12, 2014 (The Telegraph)

Doctors in France will have the right to put terminally-ill patients into a deep sleep until they die, under plans unveiled on Friday that reignited a national debate on euthanasia. Doctors will be allowed to couple passive euthanasia with “deep and continuous sedation” for terminally-ill patients who are conscious and whose treatment is not working or for those who decide to stop taking medication.

Israel’s air strikes hit Russian top-line air defense missiles sent to Syria & Hezbollah - December 07, 2014 (Debka File)

Israel’s air strikes near Damascus international air port and the Syrian-Lebanese border Sunday, Dec. 7, are depicted by Middle East military and intelligence sources as Israel’s first overt military clash with Russia in the course of the more than three-year Syrian war. Those sources assert that the strikes demolished components of Russian SA-25 or other types of top-line anti air missile systems that Moscow had destined for Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group.

ISIS in Gaza - When One Radical Group Believes Another Is Not Radical Enough - December 05, 2014 (Gatestone Institute)

… Supporters of the Islamic State are accusing Hamas of failing to impose strict Islamic laws on the Palestinian population — as if Hamas has thus far endorsed a liberal and open-minded approach toward those who violate sharia laws.

Syria’s Stolen Childhoods - December 07, 2014 (Financial Times)

Eleven million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes — and there is no sign that Syria’s almost four-year uprising-turned-civil war is going to end soon. The immediate priorities in a refugee crisis are relatively straightforward: people need shelter and food. But when it becomes a long-term crisis — growing at a rate of 5,000 people a day — the effort can be overwhelming.

A Sikh Principal, Too English for a Largely Muslim School - December 07, 2014 (New York Times)

As a Sikh and second-generation Briton running a public school made up mostly of Muslim students, Balwant Bains was at the center of the issues facing multicultural Britain, including the perennial question of balancing religious precepts and cultural identity against assimilation. But in January, Mr. Bains stepped down as the principal of the Saltley School and Specialist Science College, saying he could no longer do the job in the face of relentless criticism from the Muslim-dominated school board. It had pressed him, unsuccessfully, to replace some courses with Islamic and Arabic studies, segregate girls and boys and drop a citizenship class on tolerance and democracy in Britain.

Young Dutch Turks’ radical views worry MPs, call for more research - November 12, 2014 (Dutch News)

MPs from across the political spectrum have called for more research into the attitudes of young Dutch Turks to the Islamic State, after a poll of 300 showed 80% saw nothing wrong in jihad, or holy war, against non-believers.

Nur and Maryam join Muhammad in list of Britain’s top baby names - November 30, 2014 (Daily Mail)

For years Muhammad has been racing up the chart of the country’s most popular baby names – and now he has been joined by his sisters Nur and Maryam. The two girls’ names have been among the most popular of 2014, according to website BabyCentre. The data shows a surge in Arabic names in the UK this year, with Omar, Ali and Ibrahim all entering the boys’ top 100 for the first time.

Israel heading for early national election: ministers - December 02, 2014 (Reuters)

Israel appeared to be heading on Tuesday toward an early election after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his major centrist coalition partner failed to patch up differences. Netanyahu’s government, which is dominated by the right and came to power early last year, has been unraveling over issues including the 2015 budget. He said on Monday he would call an election unless ministers stopped attacking government policies.

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