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A Summer Project:

Redeeming the Time

by Chuck Missler

Summer is always a welcome change of schedule: vacations, camping, trips, a time for family. And, of course, family time is so crucial. The highest priority in the home is love, and the summer opportunities provide great occasions to focus on things neglected.

It is also a time of ad hoc stewardship: What will this summer accomplish?

When Labor Day signals a return to school and other normal routines, what will the summer months have yielded for your "investment"? Give it some thought.

It is also a great time to undertake a special study project: a Bible commentary while traveling; a provocative book while enjoying the lake; a broadening of horizons during the welcome departure from our normal routines.

Here are some reading list suggestions:

America-If you have a heart for our sacred heritage:

oJohn Chalfant, Abandonment Theology, America - A Call to Greatness Inc., 1999. (Available in either the book or the two-tape briefing pack.) This is a "must read" action guide for saving America.

oRabbi Daniel Lapin, America's Real War, Multnomah Publishers, Sisters OR, 1999. An internationally beloved orthodox Jewish Rabbi insists that a return to Christian values are vital for our nation's survival.

o Bailey Smith, Taking Back the Gospel, Harvest House, Eugene OR, 1999. The perils of a "user-friendly" faith.

o Robert H. Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah, Harper-Collins, New York, 1996. Modern liberalism and the decline of America. A "must read" for anyone serious about understanding our times.

oJim Nelson Black, When Nations Die, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton IL, 1994. America on the brink: Ten warning signs of a culture in crisis.

If you have an appetite for intrigue:

oRodney Stich, Defrauding America, Diablo Western Press, Alamo CA. (800-247-7389). A 700-page encyclopedia of secret operations by the CIA, DEA, and other covert government agencies.

oLarry Klayman, Interim Report, Judicial Watch, 501 School Street, Suite 725, Washington DC, 20024; (202) 646-5172; <www.judicialwatch.org>.

oAmbrose Evans-Pritchard, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, Regnery Publishing, Washington DC, 1997. A provocative expos by the Washington bureau chief of one of the most respected newspapers in the world.

oChristopher Ruddy, The Strange Death of Vincent Foster, Simon and Schuster, New York NY, 1997.

oTerry Reed and John Cum-mings, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and CIA, Shapolsky Publishers, New York NY, 1994. How the presidency was co-opted by the CIA.

oCarroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, Collier-Macmillan Ltd, London. (First published by Macmillan NY, 1966.) This 1300-page classic insider's view of the globalist agenda from one of Clinton's principal mentors.

If you are still troubled by the myth of evolution:

oPhillip E. Johnson, Darwin on Trial, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove IL, 1993.

oMichael J. Behe, Darwin's Black Box, Simon and Schuster, New York NY, 1996.

For a provocative forecast of the implications of the Internet:

oJames Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg, The Sovereign Individual, Simon and Schuster, New York NY, 1997. How the combination of the Internet and effective encryption may collapse the welfare state.

If you are going through a "Dark Time":

oNancy Missler's latest: Faith in the Night Seasons: Understanding God's Will, Koinonia House, 1999. A life-changing resource for those who are experiencing a particularly difficult season.

If you would welcome a surprising and provocative excursion toward taking your Bible more seriously:

oChuck Missler, Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity, Koinonia House, 1999. Not just the "Equidistant Letter Sequences" that have stirred all the controversy, but a collection of surprising discoveries that will reignite your awe for the Word of God.

If you just want to read a good novel:

oFrank Peretti, The Visitation, Word Publishing Co., Nashville TN, 1999. The latest novel from one of the leaders in Christian fiction.

Have a great summer, but also make it a profitable departure from the tyranny of the "normal" routines!

* * *

This article was originally published in the
July 1999 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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