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Missler Report Broadcasts from Oct/Nov, 1999

by Chuck Missler

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Excerpts from Recent Broadcasts of "The Missler Report":

New Christian Docu-Drama, Vanished:

"The things that used to be on page 5 are now featured on page 1...talk of the New World Order and the need for a global community were ideas of think tanks 20 years ago but now are very much the heartbeat of the human community. The Scriptures gave us exact main events that will be the key heart of our world...I think people are now recognizing that!" - Peter La Londe, "Vanished" Film Producer

"It was recently announced in the Washington Times that Kofi Annan has plans to propose a redefinition of the UN in September 2000. At the Year 2000 Millennium Summit, the plan is to lay out a whole new governmental structure for the world. I also see that Strobe Talbott has announced that he doesn't believe the U.S. will survive in its present form." - Chuck Missler

"Just as NATO redefined itself on its 50th anniversary as a Global Police Force, the UN has plans this September to redefine itself as a Global Government!" - Chuck Missler

Private School Tax Credits:
"In 1995 we took an idea to the Arizona state legislature that would allow taxpayers in Arizona to make a contribution to a Scholarship Funding Organization and receive up to $500 tax credit. In turn the scholarship organization would scholarship children to the school of their choice, whether secular, private school or faith-based private school. In 1997, however, the teacher's unions, ACLU, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a special action suit against it. But after 16 months the Arizona legislature decided that tax credits were an acceptable way for funding private schools. These same groups then filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, who refused to hear their case. So now the Arizona Supreme Court decision stands!" - Chambria Henderson

"This has far more implications than just for Arizona...this could be the leader or bell ringer for the entire United States!" - Chuck Missler

"We actually have contacts in all 50 states that are looking at some form of this tax credit. Some states will be able to attach it to their state income tax, others to corporate tax or other taxes they have." - C. Henderson

The Genesis Question:
"The book I've been working on for over 25 years, The Genesis Question, was originally planned to cover Genesis 1 & 2 only because there was no scientific evidence available beyond Chapter 2. However in the last 18 months there has been a couple dozen new scientific discoveries that allow us to lay out the evidence for the scientific reliability of all 11 opening chapters of the Bible!" - Dr. Hugh Ross, Scientist, Author

"One of the latest discoveries is of the land bridges joining the continents... these land bridges permitted the migration of human beings into all great land parts of the planet. These land bridges, however, were temporary, existing for only 3000-4000 years and then they collapsed. As in Genesis 11, the human race was sitting there, rebelling against God's commandment to fill the earth just like the pre-flood people, so God forcibly scattered them-then God destroyed the bridges so humans could not repeat the errors of the pre-flood people." - Dr. Hugh Ross

"The racial diversities of the human race-especially the fact that colors, until recently, have been in specific geographic locations-comes from God's supernatural intervention at the Tower of Babel, where He gave us different languages, colors and locations as part of His plan to keep nations in competition with each other. That's why a one-world government will lead to what took place with people before the flood because it eliminates competition and creates death and oppression upon its people. Also, we as 20th century readers have interpreted the Genesis flood chapters as being Global rather than Universal." - Dr. Hugh Ross

Indonesia, East Timor and the Attacks on Christians and Missionaries:
"It's probably only a matter of time before Indonesia as we have known it over the last two generations is just going to come apart at the seams. East Timor voted for independence, but the Indonesian military has driven over 300,000 people out of their homes and murdered many as they tried to destroy this country. Christians and missionaries have also been targeted...Indonesia is predominately Muslim, but the people of East Timor have been very responsive to the Gospel." - Doug Campbell, FEBC Missionary Short Wave Radio

"This has all been used to advance the Globalist agenda...as Christians, we are horrified from two points of view: one is the attacks and the other is that this has been used as an excuse for Globalism to advance the One World Government." - Chuck Missler

The Age of the Universe and the Big Bang Theory:

"Christians obviously run into the common media which deals with astronomical terms... billions and billions of years, yet it does not take a tremendous amount of insight to see that the Bible has quite a different perspective concerning the age of creation...there seems to be a great disconnect." - Chuck Missler

"I was an atheist until I was a grad student. Up to that time I believed in the "billions and billions of years" and the "Big Bang" theory and biological Evolution. After I received Christ...I saw an increasing tension between what I believed was true from science and what I was learning from Scripture. Finally I found out that there was little evidence to support the "billions of years and the Big Bang theory." - Dr. Russell Humphreys, Scientist and Author

"The Hubble Space Telescope is steadily unearthing data that is making life more and more uncomfortable for the Big Bang theory. It's been amusing to watch the theorists struggle to readjust their theory by adjusting one more knob or two to fit each new item of data as it comes in from the Hubble telescope and other satellite-based infrared telescopes."- Dr. Russell Humphreys, Scientist and Author

This article was originally published in the
January 2000 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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