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An Opportunity:

Home Study Alternatives

by Chuck Missler
From the beginning of our ministry, we have been committed to assisting, in every way possible, the encouragement, development, and facilitation of home Bible study fellowships. It has been our experience that small study groups, meeting during the week as a supplement to Sunday church services, are among the most dynamic ways to encourage personal spiritual growth. Most of our materials have been developed with this as an objective.

(Our recent briefing package, The Once and Future Church, also attempts to address the history and advantages of decentralized forms of fellowship.)

One of the means of encouraging serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God is to provide the accumulation of academic degree credit for the truly committed. Through arrangements with Louisiana Baptist University, we can now offer means to earn both undergraduate and graduate school credits for degrees up to and including the Ph.D. through our Koinonia Institute.

Beginning with our introductory study, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours , we plan to offer additional "bridge" materials and courses to link with many of our publications. These materials are designed as academic "distance learning" courses for college credit as well as providing structure to the informal learning environment of small groups-each exploiting the Internet and other correspondence methodologies wherever practical.

Koinonia Institute Distance Learning Program

If you have an interest in exploring a personal program of study which could lead to an academic degree, please write us a note, indicating your potential (and specific) interests, and we will send you a fact sheet describing the degrees that are presently available through Louisiana Baptist University (www.lbu.edu) and also what is being planned for this September through our own Koinonia Institute (our courses will supplement the 350 courses currently available through LBU). We will also send you an application form that will enable you to simultaneously register at both LBU and Koinonia Institute.

Write to:
Registrar, Koinonia Institute
P.O. Box D
Coeur d'Alene ID, 83816

You may also email us at by selecting K-House Institute Registrar on our email page. Pray about it!

For those interested in materials to use in home fellowships, watch upcoming issues of Personal UPDATE for new product information.

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This article was originally published in the
June 2004 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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