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For Serious Students:

Koinonia Institute Fact Sheet

by Koinonia House

Through arrangements with Louisiana Baptist University, we can now offer you the means to earn both undergraduate and graduate course credit for degrees up to and including the Ph.D. through Koinonia Institute. We are excited about launching this program and invite you to be part of our inaugural Fall 2004 semester.

Upon receipt of the appropriate forms and fees, the course program can begin at any time. It includes self-study, utilizing multimedia materials published by Koinonia House (as well as Internet and library resources), and the completion of assigned workbooks, book reviews and final examination.

Upon satisfactory completion of each course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to the student and Transcript Credit will be sent to Louisiana Baptist University. LBU will accept all KI course transcripts and is the institution that will grant your degree. Requirements for completion of Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorates will be determined by Louisiana Baptist University (see their catalog for details, available at www.lbu.edu.).

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration is $100.00, which enrolls the student in both KI and LBU. Tuition is $75.00 per credit (most classes are 3 credits), plus expenses for required course materials, Internet access, and other study materials. In programs requiring travel, expenses will be borne by the student.

What Do I Do First?

Fill out both application forms (KI and LBU), downloadable from our website (www.studycenter.com/). Choose which course(s) you would like to take and mail to us with your applications, registration fee, and tuition. Please mail all correspondence to: Koinonia Institute, P.O. Box D, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816. If you have questions, please email registrar@khouse.org.

Course Descriptions: Fall 2004

BIB 101: Old Testament Survey (3 credits) An overview of the Old Testament, emphasizing the integrity of design. An introduction to conservative hermeneutics with an emphasis on inerrancy and using the Bible to interpret itself.

BIB 102: New Testament Survey (3 credits) An overview of the New Testament, exploring the claims, reality, and mission of Jesus Christ and to provide an initial exposure to eschatological controversies.

Required materials: Learn the Bible in 24 Hours on CD-ROM ($39.95). Comprehensive Workbook ($14.95). These will be used for both BIB 101 and BIB 102.

BIB 150: Bible Cryptology (3 credits) An introduction to cryptology and an exploration and evaluation of the various forms of cryptography and hidden messages in the Biblical text and their implications.

Required materials: Cosmic Codes book, available in paperback ($19.95), Cosmic Codes on CD-ROM ($24.95), Comprehensive Workbook ($14.95).

Prerequisite: BIB 101/102 (may be enrolled concurrently)

BIB 201: Book of Genesis I (3 credits) An expositional study of Genesis Chapters 1-11, with an emphasis on the Creation Week, the Fall, and the Flood.

BIB 202: Book of Genesis II (3 credits) An expositional study of Genesis Chapters 12-50, with an emphasis on the Call of Abraham, the lives of Isaac and Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel.

Required materials: Genesis Commentary, available on CD-ROM ($34.95), audio CD ($89.95) or DVD ($119.95). Comprehensive Workbook ($14.95). These will be used for both BIB 201 and BIB 202.

Prerequisite: BIB 101/102 (may be enrolled concurrently)

PRO 101: Intro to Prophecy (3 credits) An introductory review of Bible Prophecy in four parts: The Nature of Prophecy, Prophecies Past, Prophecies Future, and Prophecies Present. This leads to PRO 201: Strategic Trends (below).

Required materials: Prophecy 101, available on CD-ROM ($19.95), DVD ($29.95), or video ($39.95). Comprehensive Workbook ($14.95).

PRO 201: Strategic Trends (3 credits) A review of the ten trends in current world events and their strategic implications from a Biblical and prophetic perspective.

Required materials: Strategic Trends 2004, available in DVD and video ($19.95), or audio CD ($14.95). The Strategic Trends Collection on CD-ROM ($39.95). Comprehensive Workbook ($14.95).

Prerequisite: PRO 101 (may be enrolled concurrently)

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August 2004 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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