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KI Devotional:

Shavuot Gleanings

by Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute

As you may or may not know, last month we celebrated the middle Feast, which goes by the name Shavuot. As Christians we often refer to this as the Feast of Pentecost. During my study time, I was impressed with some of the potential applications that could fall within the realm of this unique feast.

There are seven Feasts of Moses, and they can be divided into three categories. The first are the Spring Feasts, which include: Pesach (Passover), Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. As believers in Yeshua as being the Christ, we see Jesus’ first coming as the fulfillment of each of these feasts. He alone is our Pass-over Lamb, the only One who is sinless, as well as being the First Fruits of the resurrection of the dead.

The last three feasts are in the fall and include the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur and the Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles). Now the reason that many prophecy buffs get their antennas up in the fall each year is because we believe that all of the Fall Feasts will have their fulfillment at the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Of the seven feasts, there are three that required compulsory attendance. The first was from the spring (Feast of Unleavened Bread); another from the fall (Feast of Succoth), while the other one was the feast that falls about in the middle and that was the unique feast that goes by the name of Shavuot.

At its base, Shavuot is a feast deep with agricultural meaning. This was the time for the harvest—not just the barley but all seven of the fruits of the Land. The seven fruits of the Land are: barley, wheat, grapes, figs, dates, pomegranates and olives. At Shavuot all of these would be included in the offering of the first fruits. The picture on the right is the Fruit and Grain Menorah that is inside the Knesset.

The one unique feature of Shavuot was the waving of the two loaves of bread. This uniqueness has to do with the fact that these loaves contained leaven. So, one of the first questions to be answered is, “Why leavened loaves?”

In the Scriptures, leaven is constantly used as an idiom for sin and is strictly forbidden in regards to offerings laid upon the holy altar of YHVH. Some scholars see Pesach as the start of a process and Shavuot as the end. On Pesach, we remove all leaven and eat only unleavened bread. On Shavuot, we bring loaves of leaven. One begins with the bread of affliction while the other ends with the bread of heaven.

Also noteworthy is the fact that there are two loaves—do these loaves represent Jew and Gentile and the gift of the Holy Spirit, as prophesied by Joel, making the two one in Christ, who is the Bread of Life?

Initially, Shavuot was just observed as an agricultural festival, but after the destruction of the Temple by the Babylonians, there was a fear from the Rabbis that this feast may lose its meaning, so some additional meanings were added in order to ensure that this feast would be memorialized. The added traditions included:

• Shavuot is the time to commemorate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai and marking the day when God entered into covenant (or married) the Jewish nation.

• In the Jewish tradition, Shavuot is compared to a wedding, for it was on Shavuot that the covenant between God and the Jewish People was sealed at Mount Sinai. The church is called Kallat Mashiach—the Bride of Messiah (Rev 21:2, 9), and we eagerly await the marriage supper to come (Rev 19:9).

• Shavuot at Mt. Sinai is sometimes considered the day on which Judaism was born.

• Shavuot in Jerusalem (Mount Zion) is the day on which the Church was born. Remember it was on Mount Sinai that the Ten Commandments were written on tablets of stone by the “finger of God” (Ex 31:18), but at Mount Zion, the Torah is written on tablets of the heart by the Spirit of God (2 Cor 3:3; Heb 8:10).

It is also noteworthy to point out that on Shavuot, the Book of Ruth is read in all the local synagogues—again, presenting a picture of God’s provision and the marriage of Jew and Gentile, which includes the genealogical line of not only David but of Christ. And it is in Christ that the dividing wall between Jew and Gentile is abolished!

In summary, it is easy to see Passover as symbolizing death, Unleavened Bread as the call to sinless living, First Fruits as depicting the resurrection of Christ, and Shavuot as the harvest of believers. Also, in Jewish homes this is a time for all sorts of greenery and flowers with lots of fruit and, of course, honey.

Shavuot marked a time for remembering, giving and rejoicing. In regards to giving, the Torah commanded that no man should come “empty-handed.” This feast provides us a time to refocus on our own freewill offerings and tithes.

This should be a time to replace the meat in the storehouse. If the Father has provided you the resources to be spiritually fed this year, then make sure you give back at least a portion of your offerings to those storehouses that have fed you (see Jn 4:32-34). This means that wherever you have been gleaning nourishing truth, take your gifts to that storehouse and help replenish that supply, so that others can find like nourishment.

We must be cautious that we do not lay our offerings on “un-clean altars!” I am always reminded of a quip from Chuck Missler that there are a lot of ministries that the Lord would like to shut down but we keep giving (blindly) to them. Be sure that you are a good steward of your tithe! Finally, this is also a time to present to God the fruit of one’s ministry. Shavuot can also be a good time for us to reflect back on the year and take the time to inspect the condition within the vineyard of our lives. Re-member, we were saved for a purpose and that purpose is to pro-duce fruit for the Kingdom.

With that in mind, I thought I would conclude this article with presenting a list of those who have been awarded Medallions in the orchard of KI. We are grateful for the following members that have labored in our fields and have partnered with us and have completed the requirements to earn their Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medallion.


  1. Douglas Bixler
  2. William Roll
  3. Michael Teoli
  4. Susan Ferreira
  5. Marilyn Jordan
  6. Lisa Harmon
  7. James Harmon
  8. Madeline Bay
  9. Robert Martin
  10. Vickie Konnecke
  11. Adam Hartzheim
  12. Antoinette Peden
  13. Chris Thibodeau
  14. Mark Rees-Thomas
  15. Steven Reuda
  16. Sylvia Hellman
  17. Joshua Drake
  18. James Maley
  19. LoAnn White
  20. Thomas Pruett
  21. Anginet Sots
  22. Larry Ball
  23. Marion Creek
  24. David Evans
  25. Jane Crewey
  26. Jackie Binder
  27. Larry Danridge
  28. Jonathan Persson
  29. Barry Forder
  30. Eugene Turner
  31. Diane Blenke
  32. Jeffrey Hinkle
  33. Bob Ebert
  34. Lisa Jorgenson
  35. Debbie Sligh
  36. Calvin Stanford
  37. Desmond Adams
  38. Michael Blenke
  39. Michael Morrell
  40. James Olson
  41. Harry Selsor
  42. Chris Glaze
  43. Oliver Fleener
  44. Michael Edwards
  45. Gary Dunlap
  46. Angela Hart
  47. Isaac Cates
  48. Reuben Edwards
  49. Debbie Wolhuter
  50. Ruth Richards
  51. Leonard Winsor
  52. Ronald Ossenfort
  53. Vic Napelenok
  54. Wendy Jensen
  55. Pat Rajhard
  56. Nicole Marshall
  57. Mike Earls
  58. Sandy Buckner
  59. Dorothy Ostrom
  60. Julie Bryson
  61. Jackie Williams
  62. Julian Hamilton
  63. Marlene Collins
  64. Joyce Simoneaux
  65. Kevin Blaser
  66. Roger Brown
  67. Robert Ruge
  68. Thomas Varmette
  69. William Calhoun
  70. Marco Butler
  71. Barbara Lamb
  72. Jacob Vorpagel
  73. Casey Shull
  74. Ishak Natan
  75. Lee Ahlstrom
  76. Andrew Hurd
  77. Carol Baergen
  78. Dean Packwood
  79. Ed Nemeth
  80. Michelle Klein
  81. Douglas Ashbaugh
  82. Zandra Lewallen
  83. Chris Jansson
  84. Edward Heffernan
  85. Peggy Buzby
  86. Edward Beene
  87. Steve Wilson
  88. John Brugger
  89. Alberta Ly
  90. Linda Lackner
  91. John Brunson
  92. William Constant
  93. John Valov
  94. Alex Packwood
  95. Kerry McAuliffe
  96. Brian Malcolm
  97. Andrew Jones
  98. Robert Glaze
  99. Peter Dacey
  100. Olivio Blanco
  101. Percy Barr
  102. Lorraine Holcroft
  103. John Alexander
  104. Jon Gonzalez
  105. David Moede
  106. Murray Woodfield
  107. Daniela Pirelli
  108. Alex Koppenaal
  109. Greg Glaze
  110. Sophia Russell
  111. Valerie Pobog
  112. Lynn Newell
  113. Sherry Cady
  114. Helmut Klein
  115. Linda Hibst
  116. Janet John
  117. Sally Ilko
  118. Mark Atterson
  119. Sylvia Hill
  120. Nicolas Pagril
  121. Tracy Yarbrough
  122. Andrew Miller
  123. Adam Tousley
  124. Douglas Burns
  125. David Means
  126. Ellen Cleveland
  127. Skip Stein
  128. Amanda Pitman
  129. Stephen Seachord
  130. Curtis Reid
  131. Nardene Reid
  132. Katrina Carey
  133. Cam Sharpe
  134. Tamera Sohn
  135. Darci Noonan
  136. Steve Blanchard
  137. Jennifer Joswick
  138. Fredrick Joswick
  139. Phillip Queen
  140. Matthew Richardson
  141. Steven Sulyok
  142. Kathleen Hinegardner
  143. Dennis Dubois
  144. Debbie McClain
  145. Susan Wakeman
  146. Kari Noldan
  147. William Murphy
  148. Roy Mazzagate
  149. Edye Marin
  150. Jessica Gagnon
  151. Thomas DeMont
  152. Andrew Bielech
  153. Joshua Brown
  154. Nathan Johnson
  155. Dara DeRue
  156. Victoria DeRue
  157. Roger DeRue
  158. Bruce Dorcy
  159. Sook Lim
  160. Ronnie Baker
  161. Glen Richards
  162. Tabitha Hayes
  163. Stephen Sparks
  164. Michael Dickey
  165. Keith Buckner
  166. Wel Ulmanek
  167. Byron Simmons
  168. Sharon Barrick
  169. Mark O’Neil
  170. Brenton Bowers
  171. Theo Ferreira
  172. Bill Hicks
  173. Joseph Brown
  174. Carlos Skibar
  175. Glen Phillips
  176. Michael Morrison
  177. Laurel Appel
  178. Robert Hasslinger
  179. Monty Roosendale
  180. Jeffrey Goudeau
  181. Jerry Frost
  182. Charlotte Keen
  183. Dolores McCrory
  184. John Daley
  185. Janet Ebert
  186. Delwin Weightman
  187. Mal Sluggett
  188. Megan Maestas
  189. Marti Maestas
  190. Richard Freeman
  191. Joseph Hollis
  192. Linette Wallbank
  193. Doug Sipple
  194. Trudy Logan
  195. Leisa Garcia
  196. Chuck Brueske
  197. Joseph Rajhard
  198. Carrie Ogunbiyi
  199. Patricia Hornby
  200. Prentice Clark
  201. Steve Bauer
  202. Chuck Hughes
  203. Susan Faber
  204. Kathryn Kelly
  205. Tess Rae
  206. Ian Beaver
  207. David Smith
  208. Ken Kotoski
  209. Michelle Anderson
  210. George Krickl
  211. Jennie Ostgaard
  212. Tracey Thomas
  213. Mark Thomas
  214. Cameron Eiland
  215. Steve Elwart
  216. Talmuka Muwengwa
  217. Rob Ellis
  218. Donald Buckley
  219. Kevin Klansky
  220. Julie Reed
  221. Clinton Morrow
  222. Mike Blair
  223. Philip Nichols
  224. Matthew Newbold
  225. David Burrows
  226. Lorna Henry
  227. Terry Hardman
  228. Richard Roy
  229. Michael Presley
  230. Larry Martino
  231. Dale Suggs
  232. Mitch Bowers
  233. Mary Miller
  234. Ingrid Ashcom
  235. Steve Anderson
  236. Donna Bridges
  237. Kelvin Chu
  238. Daniel Clausen
  239. Gail Davidson
  240. Mike DeLamare
  241. Veronica DeRue
  242. Phyliss Dykes
  243. John Erickson
  244. Lori Erickson
  245. Jana Funkhouser
  246. James Gagnon
  247. Wendy Spencer Hall
  248. Eric Hallinan
  249. Lee Hoskinson
  250. Grant Jackson
  251. Tony Mahathey
  252. Anthony Meyers
  253. Gabriel Milas
  254. Tracey Giles
  255. Tom Rentz
  256. Jesse Smith
  257. Mark Thompson
  258. Janeen Varian
  259. John Weldy
  260. Jaquetta Wells
  261. Aaron Hughes


  1. Wendy Wippel
  2. Tony Mahathey
  3. Mike DeLamare
  4. Sheri Guseman
  5. Bridget Ingram
  6. Kristin Brodie
  7. Mitch Bowers


  1. Dr. Chuck Missler
  2. Dr. Dan Stolebarger
  3. Pat Poole
  4. Dr. Gordon McDonald
  5. Mark Bright
  6. Mark Gustafson
  7. Sharon Stolebarger
  8. Tracy McDonald
  9. Sandy Braucht
  10. Scott Workman
  11. Dr. William Welty
  12. Dr. Neal Weaver
  13. Dr. Jerome Corsi
  14. MK Benyamin Elon
  15. Joseph Farah
  16. Joe Focht
  17. Dr. Tommy Ice
  18. Pat Jeppesen
  19. Bill Koenig
  20. Dr. Tim LaHaye
  21. Dr. Ergan Caner
  22. Avi Lipkin
  23. John Loeffler
  24. Dr. Charles Ryrie
  25. Pat Matriscianna
  26. John Peterson
  27. Bob Cornuke
  28. Kade Hawkins
  29. Roger Oakland
  30. John Peterson
  31. Hal Short
  32. Paul Van Noy
  33. Ron Matsen
  34. Dr. Walter Martin
  35. Ian Worby
  36. Brian Hughes
  37. John Fabrin
  38. Phil Edwards

If you have received your Bronze, Silver or Gold Medallion and are not listed here, please contact our Registrar (pat@khouse.org) so we can keep our lists accurate.

This article was originally published in the
July 2008 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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