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Southeast Regional Conference:

Strategic Perspectives: TN

by Mark Bright, General Manager of Koinonia House

We were blessed to be able to have the Southeastern Strategic Perspectives Conference this year at our good friend Steve Berger’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. It was one of the easiest conferences that we have put on, thanks in large part to the great staff at Grace Chapel.

We had Steve as one of the speakers at last year’s annual KI Conference in Coeur d’Alene, and all who were in attendance would agree that Steve has a unique gifting for bringing the reality of the power of the Spirit of God into focus. Steve led off this conference as well, and in the words of Chuck Missler, “It was the best and most powerful presentation on the empowering of the Holy Spirit.”

At this moment I am not able to talk to you about the next speaker, but we are seeking permission to be able to share with you the incredible insights that were presented by our mystery speaker. Stay tuned…

Chuck and Nan shared the platform for the first time in over a decade. They have felt an incredible urging to share the message of their new and very different teaching on the “Kingdom of Heaven.” For those of you who have not yet come across this teaching, you will be in for a surprise—it is one of those studies that at first will challenge some of your preconceptions, but as you get further into the details, the picture begins to come into focus, making sense of many of the confusing teachings of our Lord.

Many of you may not know that Skip Heitzig, (left)  pastor of Cal-vary of Albuquerque, was one of the original board members of Koinonia House. Skip is a good friend and a great teacher. His talk was on the many casualties of Truth on the spiritual battlefield. He addressed the increasing trend among many churches today toward an anchorless existence adrift among a culture of relativity.

Skip brought us back to the Word as our authority and preached with conviction the need for all of us to know the Truth—because only when we have the Truth will we be truly free.

If you were at last year’s Coeur d’Alene conference, then you know what a blessing it is to hear from Crown Financial speaker Kevin Dodge. Kevin has a MBA from Harvard and before he stepped away from the world of finance, he had over a billion dollars under his management.

Kevin’s conviction (left)  is to bring God’s people into right thinking about the earthly possessions we have been blessed with. When we do not think about our finances as God thinks about them, then any monetary advice is of little use. We must see the world as God sees it, and in doing so we will be blessed in all areas of our life.

Dan Stolebarger, (right) Executive Director of Koinonia Institute, spoke on having “clean hands and a pure heart.” His talk was well received by both the audience at large and our own staff members who were in attendance.

If you were unable to attend this amazing conference, we have good news for you! The full conference (with the exception of our mystery guest) is now available on DVD and audio CD.

This article was originally published in the
June 2009 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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