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Our Latest Trip "Down Under"

Trip Report:

Our recent trip through New Zealand and Australia could not have been more encouraging! In New Zealand we spoke several times in Auckland, plus Hamilton and Wellington in the North Island; and at Christchurch and Nelson in the South Island. In Australia we spoke at Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, and Brisbane in the East, and Perth and Albany in the West.

(While in Australia, we also had the unusual opportunity to make a presentation in the New South Wales Parliament, hosted by one of its most respected members, Hon. Rev. Fred Nile CM, a virtual legend in that community. See photos, right and below).

Each venue was sold out—in many cases, standing room only—and were among the most enthusiastic crowds I’ve ever encountered anywhere. (In an amazing number of instances, some people had traveled for 6-8 hours to attend.)

When I asked, “How many of you are studying the Word of God in small groups during the week?” over 90% of the hands went up!

(To me, that represented a “grass-roots” work of the Holy Spirit, not simply the result of anyone’s promotional attempts.)

In each venue, we spoke for two one-hour sessions followed by an extensive open “Q&A” session.

We encountered a great variety of really good, perceptive questions—and it was encouraging to discover how familiar they were with all of our materials!

Another form of encouragement occurred in many of the lo-cations in which we held photo sessions for the growing number of Bronze Medallion holders, etc. (see photo, below). The emergent leadership will clearly lead to further commitments to those venues in the future.

The staff of United Christian Broadcasters—once again—outdid themselves in a most professional and well organized program: hectic and intense, but fabulously fruitful. A blessing, indeed!

Mark Your Calendar!

1) The 4th Annual International Meeting of the Koinonia Institute will again be held at the Coeur d’Alene Resort October 23rd - 25th. And, once again, it is likely to be oversubscribed, with limitations on attendance.

Nationally known speakers will include Joseph Farah (founder and head of WorldNetDaily), Grant Jeffrey, Frank Peretti, Steve Berger, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader, and myself. Awards, prizes, and other festivities should make this our most outstanding event of the year. You are strongly encouraged to register early to avoid disappointment. (Members of the Institute receive a discount.)

2) Our Issachar Tour to Israel will leave on October 27th. This is limited to a select group, which requires advance registration due to the special arrangements involved. This is very unique opportunity; call our office or email Sharon Stolebarger (sharon@khouse.org) for more information.

* * *

Photo comment: Phil Dunk and Phil Edwards (from UCB) gave Scott Workman an “Outer Darkness Survival Kit” (a steel case containing wine, chocolate, and a flashlight) as part of a running gag for his dedicated efforts on the trip. No good deed goes unpunished!


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