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2013 - The Year in Review

Annual Report Card

Each year we try to assess how well we are fulfilling the call of God. We look at all the possibilities and technologies that are at our disposal and then do our best to utilize them for the Kingdom. To bring you up to date, we have included a copy of our most recent update to our Board of Directors for your review.

The New Year always presents new goals and new challenges—a time to reflect, a time to pray, and a time to dream. But most importantly, this is a time to get our “marching orders” from the One we serve. We feel that 2014 offers many truly exciting challenges and opportunities, and we very much covet your continued prayers and counsel in focusing on the most effective ones.

Each year we try to assess how well we are fulfilling the call of God. We look at all the possibilities and technologies that are at our disposal and then do our best to utilize them for the Kingdom. To bring you up to date, we have included a copy of our most recent update to our Board of Directors for your review.

Radio/YouTube Outreach

We are beginning to expand our radio outreach again by adding a station in Austin, Texas; one in Sag Harbor, New York; and a smaller local station here in North Idaho. Several other radio outlets also continue to broadcast our 66/40 radio program without charge, for which we are extremely grateful.

Last year we also launched our official Koinonia House YouTube channel, which now has over 16,000 subscribers and close to 500 different video clips—more are being added daily. If you’d like to subscribe, go to our Koinonia House YouTube channel and subscribe!

New Products in 2013

Last year was a fantastic year for producing new material! We released the following products in the past year:

Commentaries (and release date)

  1. Book of John – Chuck Missler – February 2013
  2. Book of Isaiah – Chuck Missler – January 2014

Topical Studies (and release date)

  1. Redesigning the Church – Dan Stolebarger – February 2013
  2. Church in the End Times – Chuck Missler – March 2013
  3. Jesus: Who & Why – Chuck Missler – April 2013
  4. Leadership for the End Times — Ron Matsen – April 2013
  5. The Gospel – Ron Matsen – May 2013
  6. Hidden Treasures – Chuck Missler – June 2013
  7. The Love of God – Ron Matsen – June 2013
  8. The Great Commission – Ron Matsen – July 2013
  9. Discovering God – Ron Matsen – July 2013
  10. Fulcrum of the Entire Universe – Chuck Missler—August 2013
  11. Human Nature – Ron Matsen – August 2013
  12. Old Paths – Dan Stolebarger – August 2013
  13. The Beginning of Wisdom – Chuck Missler – September 2013
  14. Defending the Bible – Ron Matsen – September 2013
  15. Angels Vol. 3: Denizens of the Metacosm – Chuck Missler – December 2013

Other Collections (and release date)

  1. The Kingdom, Power & Glory Weekend – Chuck and Nancy Missler – May 2013
  2. The Holy Spirit – Ron Matsen – October 2013
  3. Expectations of the Antichrist – Chuck Missler & Ron Matsen – November 2013
  4. 2013 Strategic Perspectives Conference – December 2013

If you have not yet watched or listened to these teachings, please do—your life will be enriched!

Koinonia Institute

KI continues to grow and reach new areas of the globe. Our membership currently stands at 2730. The testimonies of changed lives come in every day. Pray about joining and having a life change of your own. See studycenter.com for details. Here is a quick snapshot of the fruits of this ministry:

  • Medallion Holders:
    • Gold Medallions – 13
    • Silver Medallions – 65
    • Bronze Medallions – 2,298
  • Teaching Assistants: 72
  • Area Representatives: 71

Koinonia Institute’s Annual Conference

This year’s Strategic Perspectives Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho contained some “firsts”: In addition to the individual presentations that have been the hallmark of the conference in previous years, panel discussions were added to the format and were well received. Also, the Koinonia Institute awarded earned Gold Medallions for the first time to members of the Institute. Many of them have been working on this goal for over six years. Underlining the fact that the Institute is truly a worldwide ministry, the awardees came from Australia, Canada, and the United States.

New Zealand

At the end of September I traveled to New Zealand to visit operations there. What a beautiful place! It was a pleasure to see how the River Lodge was functioning—Ron Matsen and company are doing an excellent job. The entire facility is perfectly set up for its intended purpose of being a Resident Study Retreat. We hope to fill it to its capacity in 2014. You can visit kitrust.org to explore the opportunities available to you in New Zealand.

“Back Room” Upgrades

This year we upgraded our facility in Idaho with a fiber 50mbps Internet connection. This allows us to conduct live streams and allows for greater productivity on a daily basis. We also moved some of our websites into a cloud environment—within minutes we can now double our capacity.

We moved our email subscriber list to a service provider, which allows us to send to our entire list in a matter of a couple hours; in contrast, it took 2436 hours previously when sending from our own servers.

Our online store has been redesigned and upgraded. It now exhibits better navigation, better product display, online gift certificates, and more! Check us out at http://resources.khouse.org.

Israel Tours Coming in 2014 (Led by Dan Stolebarger)

School of Discipleship – February 6–March 6: This experience will seek to provide some serious “God Time.” We will be spending approximately one week in the desert, then a week in Jerusalem, then a week up in the Galilee, ending with a week making our way to Haifa, then down to Caesarea and Netanya. This will be a “Hebraic” type of experience, one that includes conversational teaching as we traverse the Land together rather than in a classroom setting with pre-recorded materials. Our desire will be to provide an experiential type of learning. We will not just have lessons on prayer and fasting; we will actually be incorporating these disciplines coinciding with our studies. Our ultimate goal will be to “See the Land, Hear the Land and also to Serve the Land.” Since the first trip sold out so quickly, we will add a second trip in June 2014.

Talmidim Tour – March 9–21: This is our “giving back” to Israel – a true Genesis 12 experience. This “tour” travels via two vans, and the focus is on WORK. We will be working with Helping Hands Coalition, who ministers to Holocaust Survivors. We also will be refurbishing bomb shelters. Talmidim is an “invitation only” tour, and we only accept those who have been to Israel already.

Berean Tour – March 23–31: This is geared toward those who have never been to Israel before and is an overview of the main Biblical sites. This is the tour that causes so many people to get passionate about Israel. It transforms the written Word into living color!

Petra Extension – March 31–April 4: This extension always fills up because so many want to see a place where future prophecy will be fulfilled! This year we are also including stops at Jerash and the seaport town of Eilat.

Issachar Tour – late October/early November 2014. This is the “Israel of Today” as well as the “Israel of Biblical Times.” This tour is unique and is always limited to one bus. On this tour our folks will visit an air force base, the Knesset, and IDF outposts inside the Golan Heights. We have Israeli speakers address our group, either on site or in our hotel in the evenings. These speakers often have backgrounds in Mossad, Shin Bet, the IDF, or are actual current political figures. We also visit Biblical sites, thus our tag line for this tour is the “Israel of the Bible as well as the Israel of Today!”

Pray about joining us in Israel this year. For more information, visit our Israel Tours page.

Your Help Is Needed

Please continue to pray for this ministry, as we can definitely see the effects of your fervent prayers. First on the list is for the supernatural healing of Nancy Missler, who was diagnosed with mucosal melanoma in February. Following surgery to remove the tumor and additional reconstructive surgeries, the cancer returned in October. Nan recently finished a round of radiation treatments and we continue to lift her up to the Great Physician.

Lastly, for those who can help this ministry financially, we thank you. We have many opportunities presenting themselves in China, Korea, Romania and throughout South America. Your contributions help make this possible.

It’s an honor and an awesome privilege to serve our King, and I thank you for allowing this ministry to continue to change lives for the Lord. May God richly bless you this year as you continue to serve Him!


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