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Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

To the World

by Ron Matsen

Dr. Chuck Missler’s Learn the Bible in 24 Hours series is the foundational study for all Koinonia Institute students. Since its launch in 2005, thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed learning the Bible in an exciting way with Chuck as he leads them to discover that the Bible is an “integrated message system that is from outside our time domain.”[1]

Upgrade and Remastering Project

With the current availability of more modern video production tools, Koinonia House is remastering the whole 24-part series to a clearer High Definition (HD) standard. We are also updating all of Chuck’s Power Point slides to his most current layout standard. In addition, we are adding the option for seeing English subtitles.

Foreign Language Subtitles Project

With all of these new enhancements to the Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (LTB24H) series we recognize the opportunity we have to now add foreign languages as optional subtitles. Therefore, we are launching a project that will translate the entire 24 sessions of LTB24H into at least 20 foreign languages. We will then embed the translated text as a subtitle option available on the video version of the series. We will also have the individual translation teams provide the foreign language translation of the Koinonia Institute student material so we will have a complete package of teaching the Bible that can be used to reach the whole world. Lord willing we have a target date of early 2017 for the phase one release of the remastered Learn the Bible in 24 Hours series with foreign language subtitles.

The idea is simple but the implementation may be complicated. Our plan is to carry out the work at our main headquarters at The River Lodge in Reporoa, New Zealand. We hope that we can find volunteers who would be willing to travel to New Zealand and work with our video production team for a one-month period. We estimate that it will take at least two people working as a team on each of the languages. Our target start date for beginning this project is 7 November 2016 assuming that we can generate the sufficient interest and financial support.

All language translation volunteers will be provided with full room (shared accommodation) and meals at our River Lodge facilities (www.riverlodge.co.nz). All travel to and from The River Lodge will be the responsibility of the individual volunteer.

Those interested in participating in the project as a language translation volunteer need to submit an e-mail with a statement of their qualification and availability to LTB24World@khouse.org.

Sponsor a Language Project

We understand that this is an ambitious project that will require a substantial amount of effort and finances so we are “testing the waters” to see what our closest friends feel led to support. We will build this project as large as “The Lord provides.” Therefore, if you would like to help sponsor the translation of the Learn the Bible in 24 Hours series into foreign language subtitles, then please contact us at LTB24Project@khouse.org. After all, Jesus said, “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”[2]

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This article was originally published in the
June 2016 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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