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New KI Small Group Program

Koinonia Institute Small Group Fellowship Launched!

by Graham Preston

Have you earned your KI Bronze Medallion? Do you have a desire to guide a group of family and friends through the Bible?

Then you should consider becoming a “Learn The Bible In 24 Hours” Small Group Leader.

Starting August 2016, Koinonia Institute (KI) began a special offer that enabled people to start an official KI Small Group, which will utilize the “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” instructional material through the Koinonia Institute online school. The purpose of this initiative is to:

Simply put, this is a win-win for everyone who gets involved with this exciting program.

For example, the KI Small Group Leader that leads a group through this program will receive a Koinonia Institute membership for up to one year absolutely free. This is a value of up to $250 and allows full access to all of the online courses.[3]

KI Small Group participants will receive custom access to the specific KI Small Group of their choice. This means they can take the foundational course of “Learn the Bible in 24 hours” for an enrollment fee of only US$49.95 (normal fee is $150 if completed within 6 months).

Get started NOW!

Want to be a KI Small Group Leader?

Complete the form at kileaders.info, followed with a simple schedule for the group. We will contact you to confirm your group course is set up and provide a Small Group Enrollment Code. Pass on your Small Group Enrollment Code to everyone you wish to participate in your group, and begin an exciting journey through the Bible with Dr. Chuck Missler.

Want to be a KI Small Group Member?

Complete the form at kigroups.info. During your enrollment you will be given two options regarding which group you wish to join. If you have a Small Group Enrollment Code which was given to you by a KI Small Group Leader, then enter that code and you will be enrolled into their group. If you do not have a code, then you can join a KI Virtual Small Group. Our Small Group Coordinator will place you into an online group of like-minded students ready to study the Bible with you.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the KI Small Group Coordinator at smallgroups@khouse.org.

Go to kigroups.info for more information.

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This article was originally published in the
September 2016 Personal Update NewsJournal.

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