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Technical: Space-Time

More Turmoil in Physics: Is Light Slowing Down?

Chuck Missler explores the controversial theory that the speed of light is NOT constant, and what the implications of this might be for creationistm vs. evolution and the Big Bang.

Physics and the Bible: What Holds the Universe Together?

Physicst Lambert Dolphin examines the theories behind what holds the universe together, and suggests that the Bible and science don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Physics and the Bible: Exploding Planets and Ancient Catastrophes

Christian and physicist Lambert Dolphin explorers the controversial topics of the Missing Planet, asteroids, and spiritual warfare on an astronomical scale. You won't be bored!

The Red Planet: Mars the Mysterious

Physicist and Chrisitian Lambert Dolphin explores the possibility of life on Mars, the Face on Mars, and what the Bible doesn't say about life on other planets.

Physics and the Bible: The History of Hyperspace

Physicist Lambert Dolphin looks at the scientific underpinnings behind the possibilities of hyperspace, multiple universes, and how it all ties into Biblical Creation.

Quantum Physics: The Boundaries of Reality

Chuck Missler explores the amazing discoveries in sub-atomic physics, and how these actually support the existence of a Creator.

Physics Breakthrough? The End of the Universe

Chuck Missler discusses the Bible, the Laws of Thermodynamics, dark matter, antimatter, the spiritual world, and the Creator who designed it all.

Our Digital Universe? Quantum Teleporting: Part 1

The more we know about quantum physics, the less confidence we can have concerning the nature of our own physical reality. It seems that it is but a subset of a larger hyperspace we call the spiritual reality.

Quantum Teleporting, Part 2: Our Holographic Universe

Discoveries in particle physics over the past century have revealed that subatomic particles are all connected, so they can 'communicate' faster than light, as if the universe is nothing more than , '... a thought in the mind of God.'

Dangerous Myths: Astrology

Chuck Missler considers the unreliability of astrology and warns believers not to play around with these sorts of occultic 'entertainments'.

Upheaval in Physics: History of the Light-Speed Debate

While we are told in school that the speed of light is a physical constant, many physicists have actually found evidence that the speed of light has been slowing down. This article considers the history of the discussion.

Mysteries of Mars: Mars Getting Closer to Earth

The mysterious Red Planet is going to put on a show in August, 2003. By late August it will be about 191 million miles closer, and the reddish point of light will appear six times larger and shine some 85 times brighter than it normally does.

First in a Series: What Is Truth?

The classic question. The very existence of truth is now continually attacked. Chuck begins an answer to this question of truth at ''The Boundaries of Reality.''

What Is Truth? Part 2: The Ultimate Message

As Chuck continues the series, ''What Is Truth?,'' he examines the holographic properties of our physical reality - and its provocative parallel with the Bible.