“Bringing the world into focus
through the lens of Scripture”



Environment – 3 articles

Examinations of some of the current trends in environmental thought, and how they affects our worldview. From the Kyoto Protocol to the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Current Events – 1 articles

Learn more about current events, prophecy, and how they relate to modern Christianity.

Resurrection – 6 articles

When Jesus Christ rose from the grave, it was more than a miracle. It restored order and hope to the universe! Find out how!

Space-Time – 14 articles

Examine in-depth the scientific basis for our Biblical faith. Discoveries in physics about the nature of time, matter, and space are shown time and again to support (rather than disprove) the identity of the God of the Bible.

Bible Codes – 17 articles

The ancient text of the Bible contain hidden messages of divine origin. Why? What can we learn from these 'secret codes'?

Archaeology – 19 articles

Finds in modern archaeology are relevant to Biblical Christianity.

Christian Living – 4 articles

Practical ideas for daily Christian living. We want to live in a way that is pleasing to God, and sometimes we need instructions.

Bio-Tech – 20 articles

Examine the moral and technical aspects of Bio-Tech field from a Biblical perspective.

Warfare – 2 articles

A look at the history of Biblical warfare, as well as some of the modern military threats we face today. Gain insights as well into the tools God provides to help us in our everyday battles against evil.

Creation – 21 articles

God spoke everything into existence! Did it REALLY take six days? Come find out more!

Physics – 21 articles

New discoveries in physics continue to reveal the undeniable design behind our universe! Are many of these 'discoveries' already foretold in the Bible?

Special Article – 1 articles