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through the lens of Scripture”


Bible Study

Koinonia Institute – 3 articles

Spiritual Warfare – 2 articles

Find out about the real, practical tools you have as a Christian in your daily battles against sin.

Prophecy – 7 articles

Biblical prophecy didn't die in the past! Even the oldest prophecies apply to both the events of our lives today and to the near future! Find out how!

Old Testament – 53 articles

Come study the scriptures with us! This area contains introductory studies of the books of the Bible contained in the Old Testament.

New Testament – 45 articles

See how God reveals his plan of salvation and sanctification! This section contains studies of the books of the Bible contained in the New Testament

Topical – 39 articles

Intriguing answers to general questions about the Biblical accounts.

Second Coming – 1 articles

The thousand year reign on earth, when evil will be defeated. What are the signs? What does it mean for believers? For non-believers?

Bible Codes – 1 articles

The ancient text of the Bible contain hidden messages of divine origin. Why? What can we learn from these 'secret codes'?

Christian Living – 19 articles

Practical ideas for daily Christian living. We want to live in a way that is pleasing to God, and sometimes we need instructions.

Growth – 1 articles

The Bible provides us with practical, real-world tools and insights to help us in our personal spiritual growth. Come explore them with us!

Faith – 1 articles

Our worldly society provides a course of obstacles that daily challenge our faith. Learn sound scriptural principles to support your walk with Christ.

End-Times – 5 articles

Many parts of the Bible foretell of the earth's last days, whether through Old Testament prophecy or the visions of Revelation. Signs abound, even in our present day. What does it all mean? Find out!

Holidays – 7 articles

Discover the true meaning behind our holidays.

Israel – 18 articles

Join Chuck as he examines the past, present and future roles of the nation of Israel, and how it affects us as Christians.

Creation – 1 articles

God spoke everything into existence! Did it REALLY take six days? Come find out more!

Physics – 2 articles

New discoveries in physics continue to reveal the undeniable design behind our universe! Are many of these 'discoveries' already foretold in the Bible?

Christian Doctrine – 25 articles

Explore fundamental questions of Christian doctrine with Chuck Missler.

Special Article – 1 articles