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Bible Study: Christian Living

New Briefing Package: The Shackles of Our Presuppositions

Chuck Missler discusses the problem of presuppositions.

The Lure of the Occult

Chuck Missler writes about the occult.

A Glimpse Into 2012

Mary Gehl writes about Psalms and the year ahead.

Redesigning the Church

Dan Stolebarger writes about the church.

The Church The Death of Discernment

I believe there are clear historic parallels that give us insight into both the condition and the cause of many churches in decline today. We will examine three causes—all three have an example in the history of Israel.

New Briefing Package The Church in the End Times

Let’s take stock of ourselves: Why is the divorce rate among Christians no better than among unbelievers? Is the “Gospel” preached in your church? What is the status of Biblical literacy in your fellowship? Is our Christianity lukew

New Briefing Package The Unknown Gospel

The great tragedy—especially in America today—is that “The Gospel” is painfully absent in today’s “politically correct” pulpits.

Kingdom, Power & Glory A Kingdom Perspective

As the approach of a very literal Kingdom now looms on our horizon, it becomes increasingly urgent for all of us to fully apprehend the implications for our personal walk and priorities.

Sharing Our Faith The Great Opportunity

Everyone who has called on the name of Jesus Christ for their own salvation now has an irrevocable calling upon their new life, which compels them to take the Gospel to the world around them.

A Timely Message When God Disciplines His Own

As we watch the world descend further and further into darkness, and as the Christian community wonders when God is going to judge America, we would do well to study the dynamics of how God treats His own people during His ordered times of judgment.

When Jesus Waits 48 Hours

When Jesus was made aware of the situation with Lazarus, He “stayed two more days” … “48 Hours.” Why did He Wait? Why do bad things happen to good People? Where is God’s protection?

Bible Study The Love of God

What Love is this? Is it a sincere desire motivated by a strong attraction? It is a serious devotion evidenced by undying attention? Or is it a deep emotion fueled by an enduring affection?

Everyone’s Calling Ambassador’s Mandate

The Trouble with Titles The Under Rower of Christ

Small Groups The Once and Future Church

Excerpt How to Study the Bible

The Legacy Project Regular Bible Study

The Life of Christ in Psalm 69

The Best 15-Minute Sermon