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Bible Study: Old Testament

A Common Pitfall: How Many Isaiahs?

Chuck Missler examines the authorship of the book of Isaiah, dispelling the common belief of mutliple contributors to this prophetic book.

A Prophet for our Time: Ezekiel

Chuck Missler examines the fascinating prophetic book of Ezekiel, and what relevance this ancient Old Testament book might have for modern America!

A Favorite Old Testament Prophecy Book: Ruth: A Romance of Redemption

Chuck Missler explores the rich insights into ancient Israel provided by the Old Testament book of Ruth, as well as many subtle prophetic passages.

The Book of Redemption: Exodus

Chuck Missler gives a brief overview of the book of Exodus.

A Book of Mysteries: The Book of Exodus

Chuck Missler reveals the potential for a number of macrocodes hidden in Exodus, and encourages us towards deeper study of this second book of the Bible.

An Overlooked Study: The Book of Hosea

Chuck Missler examines the Old Testament book of Hosea, and the valuable insights it give us into the character of God.

Now on CD-ROM: The Prophet Ezekiel

Chuck Missler gives a synopsis of the life, ministry, and historical background of the prophet Ezekiel.

The Invisible War: Against the Gods of Egypt

Chuck Missler describes the plagues of Egypt as insults to the multiple Egyptian gods.

Timely Speculation? Ezekiel's 430 Days

Why did God have Ezekiel lie on his side for 430 days? How precise was God when detailing the length of the 'Desolations of Jerusalem' as well as the' Servitude of the Nation'?

The Patriotic Prophet: Jeremiah

Chuck Missler reviews a number of issues concerned in the book of Jeremiah; the Babylonian captivity, the curse on Jeconiah, Jesus' genealogy, and the destruction of Babylon.

The Ultimate Manual on Sex? The Song of Songs

Chuck Missler reviews the story behind Solomon's love story - The Song of Songs, and considers some historical views of the book, as well as the many valuable lessons it holds.

The Military Book of the Old Testament: The Conquering Hero - Joshua

Chuck Missler overviews some of the amazing correlations between Joshua in the Old Testament and Jesus Christ in the New, along with other prophetic and symbolic lessons from this book of military conquest.

A Puzzle and Its Solution: Psalms Mislabled?

Chuck Missler takes another look at the inscriptions at the beginnings of many of the psalms, and considers whether some of them were originally not psalm *titles*, but the *subscriptions* for the previous psalm.

Foiling the First Nazi: The Book of Esther

Chuck Missler overviews the story of Queen Esther, and begins to point out the hidden treasures this book contains.

The Apocalypse of the Old Testament Zechariah

Zechariah is second only to Isaiah in his distinctiveness and importance as a Messianic prophet. He focuses on the Day of YHWH, the return of Israel in unbelief, their passing through the Great Tribulation, and their deliverance by King Messiah.

Undiscovered Treasures: Two 'Minor' Prophets

An overview of the prophecies of the 'minor' prophets Joel and Amos, looking at the Day of the Lord, and the best and worst of the Northern Kingdom.

The Concise Ones: The Minor Prophets

Chuck reviews four of the 'minor' prophets, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, and Malachi, considering the valuable, concise messages they each bring to us.

The Most Neglected Book: The Most Important Book - Leviticus

What is holiness? While the book of Leviticus seems to only apply to Old Testament Jews, this vital book instructs New Testament Christians how to appreciate holiness and appropriate it into their everyday lives. This is a book that must be studied!

A Banned Book: The Book of Judges

Judges is essentially the story of a deteriorating nation"and it serves as a sober warning against deterioration in our own nation, and in our own personal lives.

The Book of Ecclesiastes: Is Life Really Worth Living?

Written by The Preacher, King Solomon, toward the end of his life, this insightful book argues that without God, life is meaningless - a chasing after the wind. But, with God in mind it all changes. God has given us precious gifts in life to give it

Foundational Study: The Two Books of Samuel

Together the two books of Samuel explain Israel's transition from loosely associated tribes led by local 'judges' to a unified nation led by kings.

Exemplary Leadership: The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah

These two post-exile books record the return from Babylon after its fall to the Persians under Cyrus, the rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem, and the reestablishment of the national life.

The Flood of Noah: The Deluge

Chuck overviews the various issues involved in the Flood of Noah.

Inspiring Commentary: The Most Quoted Book

Not surprisingly, the New Testament authors mentioned Moses more frequently than any other Old Testament person. His concluding remarks after a l20-year lifetime have been handed down to us as the Book of Deuteronomy.

Our Newest Commentary: Begin at the Beginning

Chuck Missler introduces his newest commentary. It's the foundation of the Bible and of the world: Genesis!

New Commentary: Prophets to the Gentiles

Did you realize that there are at least three prophets in the Old Testament that were called specifically to prophesy regarding the Gentiles?

New K-Rations Study! The Most Blessed Book of All

Chuck examines some of the promises and mysteries surrounding ''The Most Blessed Book of All'' The Book of Revelation.

The Book of Proverbs: Gods ''How To'' Book About Life

'''Wise Up' and Live.'' A short message from Chuck about the benefits of reading the Book of Proverbs.

Book of Numbers: The Wilderness Wanderings

Numbers is really a book about arrested progress. In a sense, it never should have happened. It took only 40 hours to get Israel out of Egypt - the Passover. But it took 40 years to get Egypt out of Israel.

Our Newest Commentary I & II Chronicles

Chuck offers some highlights from the now available commentary on I and II Chronicles.

Excerpt from Prophecy 20/20: Prophecy Fulfilled: The Life of Christ

An excerpt from Chuck's book, Prophecy 20/20, concerning the central person of all history whom the Hebrews call the Messiah.

New Insights: A Glimpse into Psalm 69

christ as a boy, christ's childhood, jesus childhood, messianic psalms,

Insights from the Psalms: From Whence the Pilgrim?

Chuck Missler address how relevant the Book of Psalms is to our contemporary world today!

New, Updated Commentary: The Book of Ezekiel

Chuck Missler discusses the book of Ezekiel.

Now on DVD The Book of Hosea

Chuck Missler on his new teaching of Hosea.

Now on DVD: The Books of Ruth and Esther

Hosea and Amos: Prophets to the Northern Kingdom

Chuck Missler discusses Prophets to the Northern Kingdom.

Jonah, Nahum, & Obadiah: Prophets to the Gentiles

Chuck Missler writes about his new teaching Prophets to the Gentiles.

The Decline of the U.S.: Habakkuk's Dilemma

Chuck Missler, President of Koinonia Institute writes about the decline of the U.S.

The Song of Songs

Chuck Missler discusses the Song of Songs

The Book of Ruth

Chuck Missler goes over some interesting details of the book of Ruth

Mars’ Near Pass-by? The Long Night of Sennacherib

Virtually all ancient calendars were initially based on a 360-day year: 12 months of 30 days each. However, all calendars change in 701 B.C.; they all resort to adjustments to accommodate the current sidereal reckoning. Why?

The Bible The Old Paths

I hope you take the time to slow down a bit and come to this Well of Living Water and find refreshment for your weary soul!

New Bible Study A Romance of Redemption

The Book of Ruth is a classic love story of loyalty and devotion, and yet it also contains some surprising insights that go far beyond the historical narrative itself.

New E-Book The Footprints of the Messiah

We believe God has provided us a series of footprints that lead us through the Torah to Jesus Christ…

New Bible Study The Mystery of Melchizedek

In Genesis 14, after the Battle of the Nine Kings, Abram encounters a fabulous paersonage who was both king and priest. Who is Melchizedek?

The Feasts of Israel

Isaiah 53 The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe

Commentary Highlight – Part 1 The Book of Deuteronomy

Commentary Highlight – Part 2 Deuteronomy: The Value of Trust

Commentary Highlight – Part 3 Deuteronomy: The Source of Our Confidence

Bible Study The Book of Daniel: Daniel 9

Excerpt The 7th Day