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through the lens of Scripture”


Christian Doctrine: Christian Living

A Challenge To Today’s Church Those Who Were Devoted

So just what were our spiritual forefathers devoted to? They were devoted to the apostles’ teachings, the breaking of bread, the fellowship and prayer.

The Bible Attacking God’s Word

The powers of the world seek to twist God’s Word to their own purposes and persecute those who view the Bible as saying what it means and meaning what it says.

Christianity in America Calling Overcomers

For the first time since the American Civil War, all serious-minded Christians in America are being forced to choose between God’s Law and man’s law.

Culture Wars Christian Worldview Entropy

Too many parents feel that taking their children to church on Sundays and praying before meals is all that’s required. This just doesn’t suffice, nor should we expect it to.

Putting Faith into Practice Our Foundation in Christ

Education To Parent Or Not To Parent

Education As A Strategic Perspective Preparing For What Lies Ahead

Christian Living The Truth About Truth

The Rhetoric On Rhetoric

Christian Living Judging a Book by its Cover?

Christian Living Critical Thinking: To Judge Or Not To Judge

Christian Living Understanding Your Calling

Worldviews Ultimate Authority

The Basic Challenge Before Us All What is Truth?