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Current Events: America

Beyond Birth Control: The Population Control Agenda

Dr. Stan Monteith looks at the surprising and disturbing population control agendas behind such groups as Planned Parenthood, Lucis Trust, and yes, the United Nations!

Beyond Birth Control: The Population Control Agenda (Pt 2)

Dr. Stan Monteith examines the subtle and pervasive population control agenda behind many U.S. and United Nations programs.

Christians and the Media: Steeling vs. Stealing the Mind

Christian Media Critic Ted Baehr examines the pervasive influence that television and mass media have on our children, our families, and our society.

An Unnecessary Epidemic? AIDS: The Untold Story

Dr. Stan Monteith, author of -AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic-, describes the incredible death toll AIDS has taken on Africa & Asia, as well as America - the only plague in history left so grossly unchecked.

Quo Vadis America: Three Threats to Freedom

World Affairs commentator John Loeffler examines the gradual erosion of our rights in this nation, and our loss of freedoms as Christians under the banner of 'tolerance'. Don't believe it can't happen here, because it already does.

Hosea, Can You See?: Hosea's Challenge to America

Chuck Missler examines the amazing and disturbing parallels between the chaotic times of the prophet Hosea, and our own country today.

What's Really Going On? The Incredible Shrinking Parent

Dr. James Hirsen reviews the official documentation from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the danger of stripping parents of their rights and handing them to the State.

Prelude to Tyranny? Twilight's Last Gleaming?

Chuck Missler explains that great empires have risen up from bondage, only to become complacent and fall through social, cultural, and moral decay. Where does American stand in this cycle?

The Oklahoma City Bombing: A Past and Future History

Traditional American values have been ridiculed in the public arena over the past half century. How is the Left shouting down what used to be mainstream conservative positions?

Privacy Alert: It Takes a Village to Snoop

How is our right to privacy being steadily eroded as the government makes use of the newest technologies? From our social security numbers to the linking of national databases, Big Brother is becoming increasingly more invasive.

A Battle Cry for Spiritual Bravery Fearing Fear Itself

Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, anthrax - fear has overwhelmed many during these uncertain days. As Christians, however, we must remember there is nothing we need to fear.

The Attack on our Rights: What Delicate Balance? Part 1

Freedom has long been under by those in the West who have sought to erode the foundations of Western thought, culture and law, and replace them with a global, socialistic paradigm.

A Life-Changing Experience: A Visit to Angola Prison

Though known for its gruesome history, a visit to the Louisiana State Penitentiary shows a system led by the power of Christ and changing the lives of hundreds of prisoners.

Election-Year Stewardship Republic v. Democracy

David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders, explains the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, using the words of the Founding Fathers themeselves.

A Respite for America? An Election Mandate

As we enter the New Year we also enter a profoundly changed administration, perhaps reflecting a profoundly changed population " even more changed than most people can imagine.

Epistemology, Part 6: Y2K Again?

Chuck examines the chilling comparisons between Y2K and our current situation

Our Nation at Risk: The Threat of EMP

The danger of an EMP event is an all-too plausible possibility.

An Additional Perspective: Katrina's Geopolitical Legacy

An Alternate Scenario: The Twilights Last Gleaming?

Tying the looming economic crisis to the true motives behind the recent invasion of Iraq, pointing to the ever-increasing possiblity of a single world currency.

Celebrating the 4th of July: Our National Birth Certificate

An Inspiring article from David Barton of WallBuilders honoring the Declaration of Independence.

Finally, Some Good News: Hope for America

A quick look at some interesting statistics.

Background Information Thomas Jefferson's Koran

Dr. William Welty explores the reason Thomas Jefferson had an interest in Islam.

For the Fourth Understanding the Worth of our Nation

Frank Salvato writes about Understanding the Worth of our Nation.

In Memoriam The Passing of the Constitution

Chuck Missler comments on the signing of the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive of May 9th, 2007.

Updated Briefing The Vortex Strategy: Part 1

Chuck Missler reviews how events over the past few years have caused many informed observers to be concerned over the increased precariousness of our strategic horizon.

Updated Briefing: The Vortex Strategy: Part 2

The Vortex Strategy: Part 3 Guarding Your Liquidity

Chuck Missler discusses how to protect our financial resources.

A Forecast for 2008: The Turbulence Ahead

Chuck Missler give his forecast for 2008.

Agricultural Crisis: The Black Horse of Revelation?

Chuck Missler talks about rising food prices.

The Vortex Series, Part 3: A Legacy of Debt

Chuck Missler continues his talk on the Vortex Strategy.

Twilight's Last Gleaming? The End of America As We Know It

Chuck Missler discusses the end of America as we know it.

Twilights Last Gleaming? The End of America As We Know It Part II

Chuck Missler discusses the decline of the U.S.

Economic Collapse"Roots & Solutions: Consequences of Greed

Tony Nassif, Jr., Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation discusses the consequences of greed .

INTERPOL: America's New Police Force?

Mary Miller, Director of Research discusses the International Criminal Police Organization.

Issachar Report: U.N.American Education

Mary Miller discusses U.N.American Education.

Issachar Report: Border Insecurity: The Deceit of Audacity

Mary Miller, Director of Research writes aboutborder insecurity: The Deceit of Audacity.

The NYC Mosque: What We Didn't Learn from History

Mary Miller, Director of Research write about what we didn't learn from history.

State of the Union: Has Judgment Come to America?

Mary Miller, Director of Issachar Studies and IDB writes aboout the question Has Judgment Come to America?

Issachar Report: A New Way to Look at "Coordination"

Mary Miller writes about ideas from the book Rescuing a Broken America: Why America is Deeply Divided and How to Heal it Constitutionally by Dr. Coffman

Issachar Report: Rescuing a Broken America: Part 2

Mary Miller writes about Rescuing a Broken America.

Issachar Report: Normalcy Bias and the U.S. Dollar

Mary Miller writes about Normalcy Bias and the U.S. Dollar

Islam Taught in Charter Schools: The Gulen Movement

Steve Elwart, IDB Folio Specialist writes about the Gulen movement Islam being taught in charter schools.

Decline of the U.S.: Sound Money

Mary Miller writes about Sound Money.

States In Crisis

Mary Miller writes about the contion of the states.

The Days of Black Swans

Mary Miller write about "black swans".

The Kings of South Asia

Steve Elwart writes about The Kings of South Asia.

The Wheat and the Tares

Mary Gehl writes about The National Defense Authorization Act/

A Cure for the Depression

Steve Elwart writes about a cure of the economic depression.

Financial Terrorism

Mary Gehl writes about financial terrorism.

The Progressive Loss Of Freedoms The War on Guns

There is no doubt that gun violence in the United States is a problem, but so is the progressive loss of freedoms. The Second Amendment is very short because when it was drafted, no explanation was needed. How you interpret the text depends on your w

Preparing For The Coming Battle A Time to Stand

We are fast approaching a time when each of us will have to make some decisions—decisions about our life, our relationships, and our worldview.

Culture Wars A Bellwether Nation

As America systematically removes God from society, Germany can be seen as a bellwether nation when it comes to predicting the future of America.

The Economy Jobs 3.0

The world is moving into a new phase of labor. It could be termed “Jobs 3.0.” We’ll have one group of people who will be working in higher skilled jobs that, as yet, have not been automated and a permanent underclass living off gove

Common Core Curriculum Rotten to the Core

What is Common Core curriculum, and why is it effective in uniting parents, professionals and politicians in such a protest?