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Current Events: Middle East

The People of Destiny: Israel's Birthday

Chuck Missler examines trends among Israels history and leadership, and gives insight into where Israel is going, and what to look for in the way of Biblical prophecy concerning Israel.

From Our Private Modem: Meshech-Tubal Tensions with Syria

Chuck Missler examines the growing tensions in the Middle East, and what implications the rapid growth of Islam will have on Israel, and end-times prophecy.

On the Shores of Tripoli: Daffy Gaddafi: At It Again

Chuck Missler examines Libya's continued efforts to produce chemical weapons, and how its allies are interfering with efforts to stop them.

Cold War Over? Magog Arming

Chuck Missler examines the significance of Russia's conitnual upgrade and enhancement of its nuclear weapons systems, even in the face of the START treaties. Magog is arming itself!

A Contribution by Benjamin Netanyahu: Lessons from the Sudetenland

Benjamin Netanyahu provides an insightful look into the plight of Israel in the West Bank, and disturbing parallels between the Nazis and Czechoslovakia and Palestine and the West Bank.

Holy Cow? The Red Heifer

Chuck Missler discusses the prophetic significance of the birth of a red heifer in Israel and how it relates to the coming Temple and end-time prophecies.

From Our Private Modem: Tensions in the Land of Magog

Chuck Missler gives an early look at the growing military build-up in Russia, and what the Russia/Iran alliance means in terms of Ezekiel and Biblical prophecy.

Nuclear/Biological Terrorism: The Mideast Threat

Avi Lipkin and John Loeffler exam the state of the Middle East, as well as current and future threats against American soil from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Strategic Perspective: The Case for Jerusalem

John Loeffler examines the historical roots of Jerusalem, and refutes common misconceptions about the origin, history, and rightful possession of Jerusalem and the lands of Israel.

Keeping Promises: Covenants Which Can't Be Ignored

Chuck Missler examines the Old Testament covenants regarding Ancient Israel, and how they relate to the Modern Church and Judaism.

Dangerous Ground: The 'Piece Process'

Chuck Missler examines the Mid-East 'Piece Process' in light of Biblical prophecy and the Old Testament covenants.

Looking Ahead: Jerusalem End Game 2000

John Loeffler describes Israeli / Palestinian relations, and the difficulties of coming to a peaceful decision about who controls Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

A Cup of Trembling: Prognosis for Jerusalem?

Chuck Missler considers the current struggle over the unreasonably popular city of Jerusalem, and reviews God's own special purpose for this Biblically significant piece of property.

Mid-East Update 2000: The Struggle for Jerusalem

John Loeffler describes the increasing instability in the Middle East as the peace talks deteriorate; the demands of the Arabs and the survival of Israel are increasingly seen as incompatible.

Shmitta Smitten: Sabbath Crisis in Israel

A look at the rabbinical debate raging over how to handle Shmitta, the sabbath year for the land as dictated by Leviticus 25:3,4. Will Jewish farmers lose their land if they take the Scriptures literally?

An Air of Uncertainty: Israeli Elections

Carol Loeffler considers the recent election of Ariel Sharon, and compares his conservative stance to Ehud Barak's past willingness to concede to the Palestinians.

Paradigms, Preaching and Politics: Worldview Wars

The Christian Church has allowed humanism to take over the governments and schools of the western world. As this atheistic worldview pervades even our churches, what can we do to battle for Truth?

UN Conference on Racism Israel and the Global Hate War

Israel came into the cross-hairs of a global gang up during the conference, which ostensibly was geared towards reducing hatred and racism. The worldwide war on hate is not only failing but is causing a substantial increase of hatred.

A Legacy of Hate: Jihad in America

Chuck Missler discusses the issues involved in the attacks on America on September 11, and reviews the Islamic teachings that would encourage certain Muslim groups to do damage to America.

Israel and the PLO: The Media (BBC) vs. Reality

Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak offered a series of concessions to Yasser Arafat and the PLO, in hope that giving up land would bring peace. However, the efforts failed. Will any Israeli action bring peace in the Middle East?

To the U.S. Senate: An Appeal on Israel's Behalf

A letter from Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.S. Senate, exhorting the U.S. not to back down in the war against terrorism, but to remain by Israel's side as Israel works to destroy the terrorist regime that threatens to tear apart that free nation.

The Modern History Behind the Middle East Crisis

An overview of the recent history of Israel, along with the various issues at stake in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Roots of War, Part 1: The Islamic Conquests

After the death of Mohammed, Islam spread through the Middle East largely by conquest as wealthy caliphs moved east and west. Eventually, the Byzantine Empire and many parts of the Roman Empire were taken by Islamic armies.

The Roots of War, Part 2: The Magog Identity

Chuck Missler reviews the historical roots of the modern day Russians and the peoples to which Ezekiel referred when he prophesied about that land of Magog.

The Roots of War, Part 3: The Steppes of History

Chuck completes his three part series on history of the Middle and Far East and Russia, covering the Huns, Khazars, Seljuks, and mighty Mongols, including Ghengis and Kublai Khan.

Middle East Update: What Does Post-Saddam Mean?

Barry Rubin, the director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center at the Interdisciplinary University describes what the Iraq and the Middle East may look like after Saddam is removed from power.

Middle East Update: The Main Roadblock to Peace

The recently proposed 'Road Map' peace plan has been met with both criticism and support. However, is offering the Palestinians a state enough to bring peace to the region?

Middle East Update: The Judeo-Christian Alliance

In January Israel's Parliament, the Knesset, came to the conclusion that there is room for a Judeo-Christian alliance to help Israel and to recognize the great support received from evangelical Christians.

The Most Important City in Iraq: The World Capital?

Chuck explores the prophetic implications behind the current situation in Iraq and the rest of the Middle-East.

World Affairs Update: Nuclear Iran

Chuck examines the startling evolution of Iran into a nuclear power

Trip Update An Insider's Briefing on Israel

Mid-East Update: What Happens Now?

Chuck examines the front-running candidates that are hoping to replace Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel.

Mid-East Update: The Crisis in Sudan

Barry Rubin, Director of the GLORIA Center, lends some background and context to the continuing tragedies happening in this war-torn country.

Israel II " October 8th - 19th, 2007 The Issachar Tour

Chuck hostsThe Issachar Tour, Koinonia Institutes one-of-a-kind experience to Israel that will give our explorers an INSIDERS look at the Israel of today.

Conflict Within Islam: Sunnis and Shiites

Avi Lipkin discusses the key to understanding the war that is coming against Iran and the war that is going to return the fanatic Shiites to Sunni subjugation.

The 2007 Issachar Tour An Insiders Briefing in Israel

Chuck Missler talks about his recent 2007 Issachar Tour of Israel.

Book Review: Schmoozing with Terrorists

Dan Stolebarger, Executive Director of Koinonia Institute reviews the book Schmoozing with Terrorists.

Hamas and Hezbollah: Islamic Brainwashers Awaiting a Millstone

Dan Stolebarger, Executive Director of Koinonia Institute speaks about Hamas and Hezbollah.

An Open Letter to President Obama: Dear Mr. President...

An Open Letter to President Obama from Brigitte Gabriel, Founder and President of Act! for America.

A Feasibility Study: Will Israel Attack Iran?

Mary Miller of Koinonia Institute writes about middle East tensions.

Issachar Report: Islam: A Threat to World Security

Chuck Missler writes about Islam and its threat to world security.

Issachar Report: Islam: A Threat to World Security Part 2

Chuck Missler discusses Islam: A Threat to World Security Part 2

Issachar Report: Islam: A Threat to World Security Part 3

Ray Sarlin, IDB Folio Specialist continues his series Islam: A Threat to World Security Part 3

Al Qaida & The Libyan Crisis

Amy Joy Hess writes about the Libyan crises.

The Yemen Crisis

Chuck Missler writes about the situation in Yemen

World Update Turkey: Center of the New Caliphate

The Arab Spring and the rise of Islam in the region may prove to be the key to Turkey’s emergence as a true regional and world power.

The Middle East and Islam Dangerous Games

Despite the many friendly speeches U.S. President Obama made in Israel last March, there is evidence of a secret document that reveals his real policy for the Middle East and Islam.

Mideast Syria’s Red Lines, Headlines, & Bottom Lines

The use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians crossed a red line that had been politically imposed by President Barack Obama a year prior. However, Obama’s red line turned out to be shaded in gray when chemical weapons were employed and Obama

The Middle East A Man-Made Disaster

The decisions made a century ago are affecting us today. Are events in Iraq only a foreshadowing of a greater Islamic Caliphate?

The Forgotten Christians

Guest Article Is the Beast at the Door, While the Watchmen Sleep?