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through the lens of Scripture”


Nan's Corner: Growth

Nan's Corner: Why Is the Christian Walk So Hard?

Nancy Missler explores the choices we make as Christians, and who's fault it is if our burdens seem heavy or our 'walk' too difficult.

Nan's Corner Up In Flames

Nancy Missler recaps her personal story of how God saved her failing marriage with her husband, Chuck, and restored and healed it by His Love.

Nan's Corner The Real Problem

Nancy Missler describes how she discovered the real problem in her disintegrating marriage, and what God told her to do to fix it.

The King's High Way Series The Inner Court Ritual

Nancy Missler examines the spiritual and personal tools we have available to heal our inner hurts and renew our minds in Christ's image.

Nan's Corner: The Three Essentials

Nancy Missler describes the three essential elements of our walk with God that allow Him to move in us, and to love others through us.

God's Instrument: Linda's Story

A wonderful story of God's miraculous intervention, and His working through a K-House employee to save the life of a 16-year-old girl.

Do You Doubt God’s Love?

Tim Tyler writes about God's love.