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Nan's Corner: The Key

How To Let Go And Let God: The Key - Introduction

Nancy describes the life she led prior to her understanding the difference between natural human love and God's unconditional Agape love. This article begins to describe how she came to understand the true, supernatural love of God.

The Key: The Gift of Love

C.S. Lewis gives us a very simple definition difference between natural human love and God's supernatural love: God's Love is a 'gift of Love.' Whereas, human love is a 'need love.' Knowing God's love will make all the difference...

The Key 'The Real Problem'

Nancy explains that the problems in her marriage started with her and not with Chuck's mixed up priorities, and introduces the steps to being a 'cleansed vessel.'

The Key: Presenting Ourselves as Living Sacrifices

Nancy begins to discuss the steps of her spiritual 'Survival Kit', so named because the word 'survival' means 'keeping alive against all odds'.

The Key: Denying Ourselves

Even if our negative thoughts and feelings are justified by the world's standards, they will quench His Spirit in us if we choose to hold on to them. Nancy explains how to give them up.

The Key: Get Up and Do in Action What God Says

Nan has been discussing dealing with our inner lives in loving God. Now she discusses how we live on the outside, where we get up and do in action whatever God has called us to do.

The Key: Four Essential Steps

Nancy Missler begins discussing 'The Inner Court Ritual' , four essential steps that are the Key to giving things to God so we can deal with our sin and self.

The Key: Recognizing our Self-Centered Thoughts

Nancy Missler describes in depth the important first step of being cleansed: allowing God to help us see our negative emotions and thoughts, so that we can acknowledge them and be honest before Him about them.

The Key: Confessing, Repenting and Forgiving

The second essential step in giving up our negative emotions and handing them to God is to confess and repent of them. Often times we forget our own responsibility in holding on to anger and bitterness.

The Key Unconditionally Forgiving Others

Unconditionally forgiving other people is a vital part of staying in right relationship with God - and yet, sometimes forgiveness is very difficult to give. Nancy Missler offers practical, Biblical information on truly forgiving others and freeing ou

The Key: Give All to God

Nancy continues to examine the third step of this procedure - how specifically we give our sin and self over to God.

The Key: Reading God's Word (Step #4)

Through His Word God cleanses and heals our souls and replaces the enemys lies with the Truth. In this article, Nancy explains this final step in giving things to God, and how all the steps fit together.

The Key: Conclusion

The summary of Nancys book, The Key, and the practical way to truly give every burden, fear, trouble, pain, and sin to God, and to allow HIS love to flow through us.