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Personal: Faith

An Invitation to the Occult? Halloween - 1997

Chuck Missler takes an indepth look at the occult roots behind our modern Halloween, including stern warnings for Christians. It's about a lot more than candy and pumpkins!

A Bird's Eye View: The Plight of the Plover

The golden plover makes the incredible non-stop migration from Alaska to Hawaii every year without stopping. What can we learn from this marvelous little bird?

Clouds Ahead? Weathering the Storm

Chuck and Nancy Missler summarize the major lessons they have learned through their personal trials and study of God's Word.

The Day We Were Freed: The Ultimate Injustice

Chuck Missler draws from The Six Trials of Jesus by John Lawrence and describes the multitude of illegal acts that ocurred against and around Jesus Christ on the night he was tried and condemned.

Sweet Communion: The Purpose of Prayer

Debbie Holland describes what our prayer times with God should be like; built on the precious relationship we have with our Savior, and not on a sense of obligation.

What Is Truth? The Unforgiving Watershed

John Loeffler offers a brief history on the disintegration of Absolute Truth in the thought life of western society, and considers the effect that its replacement, humanistic relativism, has had on the Church.

Revival on the Horizon? The Vision

We believe that God is presently opening the door for a revival in America - and we believe that the key will be thousands of small study groups meeting in homes.

A Logical Explanation For God, Part 2

Why is it so hard for some people to believe in God? The answers would probably be linked to personal, social, and possibly some intellectual reasons. Let’s explore this in more detail…