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Personal: Finances

Looking Ahead: Year-End Tax Planning

Chuck Missler examines some practical steps we can take to optimize both our financial, and spiritual, portfolios as year-end approaches.

From Our Mailbag: Understanding Tax Cuts

This humorous analogy regarding Tax Cuts offers more perspective on the popular arguments about 'tax cuts for the wealthy'.

Our Continuing Vortex Series: The Impending Storm

Chuck Missler talks about our continuing Vortex Series:The Impending Storm.

Strategic Update: How Do You Spell Economic R-E-C-O-V-E-R-Y?

Mary Miller, Director of Research writes about the current economic recovery.

A New Hidden Tax? The Value Added Tax

Steve Elwart, IDB Folio Specialist writes about the value added tax.

The Year in Review: 2010 Annual Report

The Year in Review: 2010 Annual Report

Biblical Principles of Economics

Steve Elwart writes about the Biblical principles of economics.

Managing God's Moeny

Gunnar Johnson writes about managing God's moeny.

Strategic Perspectives Financial Stewardship

The expectation among media outlets is for a return to economic growth. From Wall Street, we see the usual cheerleading, but what about you? What are the critical decisions your family should consider in the context of stewardship?