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through the lens of Scripture”


Personal: Growth

Train Up a Child: Home Schooling

Author Chuck Missler examines the state of American education, trends in our educational system, and explores home-schooling as a solution to the failure of our public education system.

A Friendly Whisper: The Most Painful Sin

Chuck and Nancy Missler explore the dangers of gossip to the Christian community.

A Poem: I Hear It Said

'I Hear It Said', a poem by Barbara Young, about the insidious nature of gossip, and how it can critically damage our relationships.

Deceitful Model?: Freud's Legacy

Chuck Missler explores the many potentially damaging fallacies of the Freudian school of though, as well as how they impact us as Christians, and as a society.

A Program for this Fall: The Most Powerful Growth Secret

Chuck Missler gives some practical guidance on how best to study, and teach, the Bible.

American History: The First Thanksgiving

Chuck Missler examines the roots of out Thanksgiving tradition, and shows how God was working in the lives of Indian and Pilgrim alike to preserve his faithful.

Home Bible Studies: The Joy Of Teaching God's Word

Chuck Missler gives some quick guidelines for starting home Bible studies.

A Wake-Up Call: They Only Know What You Teach 'Em

Dr. James Dobson and Gary Bauer examine the moral decay of our country, and what is REALLY behind school shootings, teen violence, and the culture of death.

Financial Stewardship: Finances & Your Relationship with God

Larry Burkett examines how our financial situation can be a barometer of our relationship with God.

Email from a Skeptic: Why Does God Allow Evil?

Dr. Mark Eastman explores the question of why God continues to allow evil to exist in the world, and what our responsibilities are in the face of tragedy.

A Summer Project: Redeeming the Time

Chuck Missler lists a variety of books that will enhance your study time this summer.

Back to School?: The Un-Neighborly Neighbor

Author and radio host Vicki Brady provides a not-so-humurous look at the irresponsible

Seasonal Assessment: Giving Thanks 1999

Chuck Missler reminds us of the foundations of Thanksgiving, and discusses the causes of our nation's increased loss of moral strength - the problem is us.

A Challenge for the New Year: A Path to the Greatest Discovery

One of the most exciting and fruitful settings for studying the Bible is a home Bible study fellowship in which a small group meets regularly to explore God's Word.

Back to School? The Myth of Socialization

While educrats argue that home schooled children won't get the socialization they need, John Loeffler finds them much better socialized than their public school peers.

An Opportunity: Home Study Alternatives

Now on DVD! Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

Many Christians are unable to defend their faith because they haven't connected the dots. Learn the Bible in 24 Hours will connect the dots.

Our Next Israel Trip: Israel II – The Return

Dan Stolebarger, KI Director, is getting really excited about the next K-House Israel Tour - warning: unbridled enthusiasm to follow.

Koinioia Institute How Much Time Do You Have Left?

Dan Stolebarger write about how many Christians today are caught up in one of the worst famines known to man.

Reflections on the Fall Feasts: Are You Dressed?

The following are some of my reflections concerning the observance of the Feast of God by Dan Stolebarger.

KI Devotional: Finding The Way

Dan Stolebarger writes an article which is the first in a series of what will be his Doctoral Dissertation to Louisiana Baptist University

KI Devotional Finding The Way, Part 2

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute contines the story of his personal pilgrimage of where he has been, where he is at, and where he hopes to go.

Finding The Way, Part 3: Is There a God?

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute writes the third part of his series 'finding the way'.

Finding the Way, Part 4: Friendship Evangelism

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute continues his study on finding your way.

Finding The Way: Part 5 Call Me Coach!

Dan Stolebarger continues his "finding the way series".

Finding The Way: Part 6 Making the BIG Church Small

Dan Stolebarger continues his series Finding the Way. Part 6.

The Essence of True Faith: Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities: Part 1

David Wilkerson, of World Challenge Inc. discusses "The Essence of True Faith".

Finding the Way, Part 7: Equipping the Saints

This article is the latest in a series of what will be Dan Stolebarger's Doctoral Dissertation to Louisiana Baptist University.

The Essence of True Faith: Trusting God in the Face of Impossibilities: Part 2

David Wilkerson, World Challenge Inc. continures his article on trusting God.

Finding the Way Finale: How Isaiah Changed My Life

Dan Stolebarger, Director of Koinonia Institute continues his Finding the Way series.

The 3rd Annual KI Conference: Strategic Perspectives

Mark Bright, General Manager of Koinonia House discusses the 3rd Annual KI Conference.

New, Expanded and Updated Book: A Challenge for Our Time

William P. Welty, Ph.D. talks about Chuck and Nancy's new book, The Kingdom, Power and Glory.

Berean 2010: Chuck Missler's Last Berean Tour

Dan Stolebarger on going to Isreal with Chuck Missler.

Technology Review: The Apple iPad

Mark Bright reviews the new ipad.

A New Ministry Opportunity: The River Lodge

Chuck Missler discusses a new ministry opportunity.

Issachar Report: Rules for Radicals Revisited

Rules for Radicals Revisited an article by Mary Miller, Director of Issachar Studies and IDB.

What We Can Learn From... ''...Perils of Revolution''

What We Can Learn From...''...Perils of Revolution''an article by Mary Miller, Director of Issachar Studies and IDB.

Biblical Perspective: Are You a Dispensationalist?

Leisa Garcia, Director of Issachar Studies writes about Dispensations.

Friendly Whisper Painful Sin

Chuck Missler writes about gossip.

The Secret to Spiritual Growth

Chuck Missler writes ahout the secret to spiritual growth.

Taking the Challenge: The Soldiers Bible Ministry

John Hoben writes about ministry to soilders.