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Political: America

Strategic Trends The United States Constitution

The Constitution provides the framework for one of the oldest republics in history. This document has been under attack since its adoption, but no more so than over the last half-century.

America 2012 What’s At Stake

There is widespread recognition of the overwhelming problems we face, and there is a mounting realization of the only way out: America must decisively change course, and it must do so now.

A Christian Nation In God We Trust?

Much has been said about the United States not being a Christian Nation. From the White House to the TV studio, Christianity’s role in the American Story has been questioned. What are the facts?

Faith of Our Founders A Tale of Two Histories

We have become a nation that has a tale of two histories. One that has a deep spiritual heritage that speaks of a Godly purpose and destiny, and another that is progressively seeking to distance itself from that, trying to pretend it does not exist.

America 2012 The Problem Is Us

This Thanksgiving, with your family, conduct a review of our heritage and the freedoms that have come to us at such a high price.

Culture Wars Christ in the Ranks

There is a disturbing trend in today’s military to incrementally marginalize a soldier’s faith, particularly Christian faith. American military leaders didn’t always feel this way…

American Liberty Declaring our Independence

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were certain that war would bring untold suffering and sacrifice at every level, but there was a prize worthy of giving their all—Liberty.

U.S. Politics Operation Choke Point

Cover Article In God We Trust?

Leadership in U.S. Government Is America Ruled by Supreme “Despots”?

History Lesson America Divided – Similar To Today!

History Lesson Communist Goals for America