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Political: Israel

Mid-East Update: Five Basic Arguments Against a Palestinian State

Professor Paul Eidelberg makes five basic arguments against a Palestinian State .

Mid-East Update: Gaza and the "Peace Process"

Chuck Missler talks about the middle East conflict.

The Piece Process

Dan Stolebarger writes about the situation in Israel.

Mid-East Update Palestine and the U.N. Vote

The UN gave Palestine the status of a non-member state. The only thing this will do is to convince people even more that they are following a clever and successful strategy. They aren’t.

CUFI Summit 2013 Standing for Israel

This year Christians United For Christ (CUFI) focused on the following three items at their 2013 annual conference: Iran; The ongoing persecutions of Christians; and The strategic alliance between the U.S. and Israel.

Israel Covenants Which Can’t Be Ignored