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Technical: Archaeology

Temple Update: New Discovery

Chuck Missler examines recent discoveries that shed light on the possible true location of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem.

Hidden Until Now: Abraham's Burial Site

Examination of the archeological discovery of the burial site of Jacob and Abraham. Once suppressed for political reasons, this reprinted article brings to light another Jewish Holy site, long buried.

Arabian Adventure: The Real Mt. Sinai?

The story of Bob Cornuke and Larry William's adventure though Saudi Arabia to discover a fire-blackened mountain that might be the real Mt. Sinai.

Discoveries in the Black Sea: Pre-Flood Artifacts?

Chuck Missler relates the recent discovery of a house in the Black Sea, as well as a trading ship, three hundred feet down and thousands of years old. What are the implications of these artifacts?

Astonishing Rediscovery: The Magdalen Papyrus

In the late 19th century, Charles B. Huleatt, an Egyptologist, acquired three small fragments of Matthew's Gospel from the 1st century A.D.

The Gift from Ethiopia: A Relic with a Future?

Chuck Missler reviews different theories regarding the location of the Ark of the Covenant - 'the lost Ark' - and covers the history behind the last references made to it in the Scriptures.

A Relic with a Future? Pt. 2 The Gift From Ethiopia

If we examine the Scriptures carefully, we note that the Mercy Seat is a distinctly separate article than the Ark of the Covenant, even as we consider where the lost Ark now abides.

Biblical Archaeology: Paul's 'Miracle at Malta'

Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute describes how he and his team have found evidence of Paul's shipwreck on the island of Malta, using Luke's description of the event in the Bible.

Trip Report: The Ethiopian Expedition

Chuck Missler describes his February 2003 expedition with Bob Cornuke to the land of Ethiopia where they were able to participate in the annual Timkat celebration - a celebration over the Ark of the Covenant they claim to possess!

A Surprising Discovery The Empty Tomb

The present site of the 'Garden Tomb' in Jerusalem is quite controversial, in spite of the evidence that favors it as the temporary tomb of Jesus Christ.

Continuing Conjectures: Post-Flood Nephilim

Chuck Missler considers a possible connection between the Neanderthals and the Nephilim.

Miracle at Malta: The Lost Shipwreck of Paul

Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute describes his search for the anchors cut from the shipwreck that Paul experienced off the coast of Malta.

The Lost Shipwreck of Paul: Other Anchors Aboard?

Bob Cornuke offers an update on the search for Paul's anchors at Malta.

The Story Continues: Other Anchors Aboard?

Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute continues to describe his hunt for the lost anchors from Paul's shipwreck at Malta.

The Thrilling Conclusion: All Anchors Accounted For

Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute concludes the story of his hunt for the lost anchors from Paul's shipwreck at Malta.

Trip Update: The Malta Expedition

Chuck Missler recaps his voyage to Malta to present ''the lost anchors of Paul'' to the Maltese Government

Digging Up the Truth: King David's Palace Uncovered?

Chuck examines the newly discovered archaeological remnants that may prove to be the ruins of the palace of David!

Temple Mount Update: Excavations Trigger Protests

Chuck sheds some light on recent events in the Old City of Jerusalem, and provides a quick update on some other exciting findings.

A Fraudulent Find The Jesus Tomb?

Chuck addresses issues raised by the recently released documentary, ''The Lost Tomb of Jesus.''