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through the lens of Scripture”


Technical: Bible Codes

Evidence of Design: Beloved Numerologist

Chuck Missler explores the fascinating subject of hidden numerical codes and repetitive sequences in the Bible. The Heptadic Structure and Gemetria are discussed.

A Hidden Message The Gospel in Genesis

Chuck Missler examines the occurrence of amazing hidden codes within the very text of the book of Genesis that foretell the coming of Jesus Christ as the Messiah

Deciphering the Bible? The Bible Codes

Chuck Missler gives an early introduction to the exciting subject of Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) and hidden codes in the Bible books of Genesis, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.

Cosmic Codes - A Series: The Bible Codes

Chuck Missler begins his examination of possible hidden Bible Codes, and how the ancient texts contain messages based on both basic and advance cryptological methods.

Cosmic Codes-A Continuing Series: The First Cryptanalyst

Chuck Missler relates the story of Daniel's deciphering the mysterious 'handwriting on the wall' in Nebuchadnezzar's royal ballroom.

Hidden Codes in the Bible: The Value of Pi

Chuck Missler takes a second look at 1 Kings 7:23 and considers the precision that God has hidden in His Word, even to the calculation of pi.

Microcodes & Macrocodes: The Appointed Times

Chuck Missler explorers the fascinating subject of equidistant letter sequences and hidden codes with the very text of the Bible.

Cosmic Codes: The Code of Blood

Chuck Missler describes the mechanics of DNA, amino acids, and hemoglobin and how the great complexity of the codes involved shows the absurdity of their having been engineered by random chance.

System Design of the Scriptures?: Our Holographic Bible

Chuck Missler examines the holographic (3-Dimensional) nature of the Bible, and how our understanding of advanced scientific concepts actually INCREASES our understanding of the Bible!

A Book of Mysteries: Something Hidden

Chuck Missler tells the Biblical story of Esther and encourages us to look deeper into this wonderful story of deliverance for those pockets of truth hidden for us by its Author.

Your Own Secret Code: A Secret of Your Own

Chuck Missler describes the means available for us to encrypt our own messages on the Internet, especially in light of the growing technological invasions of our privacy.

The Hyperetai: The Bible in Shorthand?

Chuck Missler explores the significance of short-hand writing in the Bible - verbatim quotations of Jesus and Paul, and short hand marking Jesus as the 'Alpha and Omega' in the Old Testament.

Additions or Deletions? The Last 12 Verses of Mark

Chuck Missler examines the long-standing controversy over the validity and scriptural authenticity of the last 12 verses of the gospel of Mark.

A Glorious Macrocode: The Book of Ruth

Chuck Missler briefly overviews the book of Ruth and gives a hint at the great many prophetic treasures it holds regarding Jesus Christ, Israel, and the Church.

Pattern, not Just Prediction: Midrash Hermeneutics

The Church has too often abandoned its Jewish heritage and understanding. The interpretations of prophecies by Jesus and Paul were largely based on Midrash, on pattern not just prediction.

Textual Surprises: Treasures in the Family Trees

Chuck Missler explores the fascinating messages hidden within the text of Genesis 38

A Hint of Something Deeper: What's in a Name?

Chuck examines a mysterious passage in Proverbs that may hint at something deeper.