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Technical: Bio-Tech

The Sorcerer's Apprentice? Tampering with the Engines of Creation

Chuck Missler explores the scientific discoveries in DNA, designer genes, and cloning, as well as examing the moral issues of these breakthroughs.

DNA Tampering: Altering Our Genes

Chuck Missler explores the moral and societal implications of genetic engineering, gene splicing, eugenics and the DNA databasing of the general population.

Microbe Warfare: Bacterial Communication

Chuck Missler considers the powerful new technology being used to combat increasingly resistant diseases, as well as the dangers such technology represents.

Unbridled Apprentices? The Biotech Revolution

Chuck Missler describes the growth of biotechnology as firms world wide rush to find the causes of and cures for complex diseases. Can we anticipate hidden dangers in these early stages?

Pandora's Box for the 21st Century? The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Chuck Missler describes the increasing number of ways technology is being used to genetically engineer crops, animals, and even human beings. What are the ethical and moral implications?

Tampering with the Engines of Creation: Cloning

Chuck Missler describes the increasing efforts to clone animals and even humans, and examines the moral implications as well as the potential dangers of such genetic manipulation.

Biblical Implications: Cloning Part 2

Chuck Missler considers some of the Biblical implications of cloning, and brings up questions regarding the nature of cloned humans.

Darwinism vs. Design: The Human Genome

Carol Loeffler, editor of the K-House e-News, reviews the different reactions that scientists have had to the mapping of the human genome.

Unforeseen Consequences? Stem Cell Debate Branches Out

When does life begin: at conception, at the womb, or at birth? Are the potential benefits of the research worth opening the inevitable Pandora's box?

Biotech or Bioterror? Of Mice and Men

Once it was myth, then it was science fiction, now it's real. Chuck Missler discusses disturbing developments involving animal-human hybrids.

Biotech Update: The Sorcerers New Apprentice?

''Frankenfood?'' Chuck Missler reviews an event that lends evidence to the notion that genetic engineering is one of the tools of the ''Sorcerer's New Apprentice.''

Biotechnology: Escaping the Laws of Sin and Death?

Patrick Wood, Research Associate/IDB and Editor of The August Review writes about biotechnology.

(Un)Natural: The Ethics Of Transgenics

Steve Elwart, Senior Analyst Koinonia Institute writes about the ethics of transgenics.

Nanotech Vs. Superbugs

Amy Joy Hess writes about nanotech and superbugs.

Transhumanism and the Enhancement of Man More Than Human

The Hybrid Age

Dr. Thomas R. Horn writes about the Hybrid Age.

Choose This Day: Life or Death

The stakes have been raised in the ethical question: “Does it take a life to save a life?” The choice is ours—especially when one of those lives has no choice.

Science & The Bible Epigenetics: Part 2

Epigenetics is one of the fastest-growing areas of biological research worldwide. It is upending long-held views about people, society and life.

Science & The Bible DNA: Encode in Code

As computing power has grown exponentially, so has the need for data storage. And the next leap is to DNA.

Biotechnology Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact

The lines between reality and imagination are blurring. The incredible advancement in technology is changing our mindsets and belief systems on a massive scale!