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Technical: Physics

Physics and the Bible: Is Empty Space Empty?

Physicist Lambert Dolphin discusses the possibility that empty space isn't really empty, and that what we think of as vacuum might actually be filled. With what? Come Find Out!

Physics and the Bible: The Terrible Flood of Noah

Physicist and Christian Lambert Dolphin explores the scientific support behind the Biblical account of the Flood of Noah, both geologically and atmospherically.

Physics and the Bible When the Universe Became Fuzzy

Physicist and Christian Lambert Dolphin looks at the physics of creation, and why evolution is just bad science. An extensive and in-depth revelation of God as a Master Designer.

Geology and the Bible: The Great Mediterranean Sea

Physicist Lambert Dolphin examines the core sample data taken from the floor of the Mediterranean and considers a more catastrophic scenario for its formation than others have previously suggested.

Physics and the Bible: Faster Than The Speed of Light

Lambert Dolphin considers some evidence that the speed of light is not the ultimate rate in the universe. Is there a force that appears to communicate between celestial bodies almost instantaneously?

Physics and the Bible: What Is Light?

Lambert Dolphin discusses the nature of light, considering both the wave and particle models, and looks at the velocity of gravity as a clue to the speed light had 'in the beginning'.

Photos from the Red Planet: Fascination With Mars

Lambert Dolphin considers the photos that appear to reveal that intelligent life once lived on mars.

The Controversy Continues: Speed of Light Slowing Down?

Chuck Missler examines the controversial theory that the speed of light may actually be slowing down, and effect this may have on our understanding of the universe.

Physics and the Bible: The Mystery of Time's Arrow

Lambert Dolphin explores how the continuing discoveries in science and quantum physics continue to support rather than disprove the Biblical creation account.

Is Our Reality Virtual? The Ultimate Computer Game

Chuck Missler examines the strangely exciting parallels between the science-fiction worlds of virtual reality, and the science-facts of quantum physics and space-time.

Upheavals in Physics: The Speed of Light Exceeded

Chuck Missler reviews the advances in particle physics and technology that point more and more towards the material world's being simply 'sorts of things' in the mind of God.

Myths of our Times: Believing the Unbelievable

Chuck discusses the problems with the 'Nebular Hypothesis' - that the planets formed from materials ejected from the sun, and considers that catastrophe seems to be pervasive in the solar system.

Physics Update: Was Einstein Wrong?

Chuck examines the possibility that many scientists are now waking up to, that the Einstein's Theory of General Relativity might have been wrong!

Epistemology, Part 7: How Constant are the "Constants"?

Chuck examines the so-called ''constants'' of the universe, and why they may not be constant after all!

Science and the Bible, Part 1: The Nature of our Reality

Chuck Missler discusses technology and the Bible.

Technology and the Bible, Part 2: Technology Statements

Chuck Missler discusses technology and the Bible.

Technology and the Bible: Part 3 Probing the Limits to Our Reality

Chuck Missler discusses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Center for Nuclear Research, or CERN.

Discovery by GEO600: New Evidence of a Holographic Universe?

Chuck Missler disscusses new evidence of a holographic universe.

Featured Briefing A Holographic Universe?

Are we actually living in a holographic universe? Are the distant galaxies only a virtual illusion? In a hologram, distances are synthetic! How does this impact our concepts of time and space?

Science Attention All Flat Earth Society Members

Excerpt Beyond Newton: Challenges to Astronomy