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Technical: Resurrection

Jurrasic Park Revisited: Dinosaur DNA Recovered

Chuck Missler examines the ideas of genetic reconstuction of dinosaur DNA, and how his can give us some insight for our own resurrection in new bodies.

Physics and the Bible: Six Hours in Eternity

Physicist and Christian Lambert Dolphin looks at the terrible price Christ paid on the cross, and how his suffering might have carried over into eternity. And still is?!

Medical Aspects of The Crucifixion: The Agony of Love

Dr. Mark Eastman details the many physical tortures and agonies Jesus experienced as a result of His Crucifixtion. It will put Jesus sacrifice for YOU in a whole new light.

A Biblical Mystery: His Unfamiliar Face

Chuck Missler examines the post-resurrection visits of Jesus - and looks at why even his own disciples didn't recognize him at first!

Friday or Wednesday? The Day of Debt

Chuck Missler discusses whether Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday or on Wednesday - to have been 'three days and three nights' dead by the time of his resurrection.

An Easter Surprise: A Quantum Hologram of Christ's Resurrection?

Chuck Missler discusses how modern science supports the ressurrection.