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Wahhabism in the US

from the February 15, 2005 eNews issue

The Saudi Arabian government is controlled by Wahhabist Islamists, and makes a concerted effort to export the violent anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and anti-Western religion to America. Hate propaganda is being disseminated through American Mosques as discovered by Freedom House, a non-profit center for promoting freedom and democracy throughout the world, which conducted a two year study by retrieving Saudi-government published documents from over a dozen Mosques.

The documents uncovered, 90 percent of which are written in Arabic, show contempt for American democracy and insist on the implementation of Sharia Islamic law. They call on Muslims to center their lives on jihad against infidels, calling for hatred of Christians, Jews, and non-Wahhabist Muslims. People who convert out of Islam "should be killed," according to these publications and women are instructed to be veiled, segregated from men, and barred from certain roles and businesses. The elimination of the Israeli state is called for as well.

Wahhabism is a movement of Islam named after Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab (1703 - 1792). It is a fundamentalist and legalistic form of Islam that insists upon a literal interpretation of the Koran. Wahhabism is the official form of Islam in Saudi Arabia.

The report makes a distinction between the extremist sect of Islam and the millions of Muslims who have made America their home and are upstanding law-abiding citizens. As Christians it is important for us to remember that Muslims can come to the cross on equal footing as the rest of us and it is important for us to treat them with Christ's love. It is also important for us to be aware of the extremist propaganda and activities so we may take steps in prayer and otherwise to protect our families. Fifteen of nineteen 9-11 hijackers were Wahhabist-Saudis.

The Center for Religious Freedom was founded by Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie during World War II to fight religious persecution and promote democracy. The Arabic translators and Muslims who helped retrieve this information wish to remain anonymous, but want to try to get the extremist element out of their Mosques. The Muslim volunteers visited 15 prominent mosques across the United States and collected more than 200 publications disseminated by Saudi Arabia in mosque libraries, publication racks, and bookstores. The Saudi government claims the ideology has been deleted from its textbooks, however, as of December 2004, books promoting hatred and violence remain "common reading" in some American mosques.


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