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The Islamic Invasion of Politically Correct Sweden

from the December 01, 2014 eNews issue

Sectarian violence has consumed northern Iraq. Shiite militias have sprouted up to fight the brutal takeover of ISIS, and are destroying homes and towns as brutally as any foreign invader. Groups of Muslims have spent the past decade fleeing war zones like Syria and Iraq into Europe, but they are not assimilating as well as European governments would like. In Sweden, gangs of Muslims have taken over entire areas and implemented Sharia law, and according to Investor’s Business Daily, Swedish police have released a report identifying 55 “no-go-zones” dominated by Muslim gangs. These are not simple Islamic-culture neighborhoods, where Muslims enjoy the camaraderie of others who share the same language and religion. They are gang-run areas where police and emergency medical teams are targeted for attacks.

“A more precise name for these zones,” says Middle Eastern expert Daniel Pipes, “would be Dar-al-Islam—the House of Islam or the place where Islam rules.”

Apparently, the violence is focused beyond law enforcement onto any outsiders who venture into the neighborhood. Even postmen and delivery drivers have been attacked. There are reports of rock throwing and bricks dropped onto windshields from overpasses. People are shot or attacked with machetes and knives. The gangs don’t wait for intruders to arrive—they invite them in. Cars and schools are routinely set on fire to draw in firefighters who are then attacked when they arrive to help. According to the Stockholm News, 457 Swedish schools caught fire in 2009 on top of the 512 in 2008, a world record.

Commentators on Reddit have rejected these reports, denying that a real problem exists. One commentator who claims to be a native Swede called these concerns, “racist” and argues there were simply riots being held in a number of socioeconomically disadvantaged areas this year.

Yet, Henrik Johansson, Chairman of the ambulance association, Dagens Medicin, argues that medical personnel should be equipped with riot gear when entering these high-risk areas. Johansson believes rescue workers need riot helmets, bulletproof vests, shin guards, and gas masks. They need to be able to respond quickly to emergency calls and not be forced to wait on police or military escorts.

Sweden’s Immigration Woes

Sweden is unique when it comes to folks’ crossing its borders. This Scandinavian country known for blonde masseuses and Volvos and socialism has an open immigration policy and freely accepts people fleeing from troubled lands. However, because Sweden won’t even require immigrants to hold legal documentation, it has opened its doors to welcome more than frightened families seeking refuge. All manner of extremists and criminals and human traffickers are free to enter the country, and those Swedes who dare to complain about the influx of potentially violent people are attacked as xenophobes or Muslim haters, rather than citizens concerned about the destruction of their society.

Whether or not these areas are socioeconomically disadvantaged, they are also managed under a set of values that completely contradict the tolerant, politically correct Swedish attitude about them. According to Soeren Kern of the Hudson Institute, these danger zones are Muslim micro-states under Shariah law, and they are not a new development. They have been growing over the past several decades as mini-governments inside of Europe, enclaves that are not integrating into the cultures of their host countries. While the Swedes embrace these groups of immigrants, the immigrants in turn regard Western values and legal systems as corrupt and in need of being brought into subjection to Allah. Yet, native Swedes are not allowed to complain.

Danish Journalist Michael Jalving has written the book Absolut Sverige (Absolute Sweden) about the change going on in Sweden. He told CBN earlier this year, “The rules of the game of Sweden is to avoid being hostile to immigration… It’s the most important point to prove that you’re friendly toward foreigners.” If it’s proven you’re against immigration, “You’re out of the game.”

In its analysis, CBN compares Sweden with the former Soviet Union and describes the declining rights of Swedes. Those who bring up Sweden’s immigrant problems are harassed and even fired. It’s considered racist to even argue that immigrants should assimilate.

“The word ‘assimilation’ is a ‘Nazi’ word in Sweden,” Jalving said. “They point at you and say, ‘You are racist,’ then you will have no career, no job. You might lose your family,” said Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist of the Dispatch International, an online newspaper that focuses on immigration problems. According to the Dispatch International:

Sweden is the only country that automatically grants refugees who claim to be from Syria permanent residence status, despite the fact that many such claimants cannot even prove their identity as they normally discard their passports along the way…

Sweden simply has no control over who enters the country. This leads to security concerns—even for America due to the visa waiver program in place for Swedes traveling to the United States.

Potential terrorists can enter Sweden without documentation, immediately gain residency followed by citizenship and then travel to the United States without needing a visa. That scenario is a reality today.

One young man commented, “If I have a problem, it doesn’t make me racist. It makes me sane.”

While refugees need some place to go, there is an old saying that, “When in Rome, do as Romans do.” If Sweden doesn’t require its immigrants to learn about Sweden and assimilate into Swedish culture—if Sweden doesn’t even work to filter out the criminals and human traffickers who cross into its country—then the Swedes are merely allowing the angry storm of the Middle East to sweep its destruction into their own backyards.

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