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Alien Encounters

by Dr. Chuck Missler

What In the Cosmos Is Going On?

“A wave of unprecedented appearances of UFOs in the skies of Israel has stirred up UFO enthusiasts and several thousands of other people who have been witnesses to unforgettable sights. The mounting reports in recent weeks leave no room for doubt in the minds of many that UFOs have invaded Planet Earth!”

Israeli Journalist Iris Almagor, March 1997

In recent years, a number of astonishing events in our skies and in the corridors of power and influence have suggested to many that we are on the verge of open and global recognition of the reality of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and extraterrestrial life.

To many, this great shift in our understanding of our place in the cosmic community will usher in a period of unparalleled peace, prosperity, and global unity. On the other hand, many, including top UFO researchers, believe that we may be headed for the most bizarre — and most far reaching — challenge ever seen on this planet. And your personal destiny — and that of your family — may depend upon how you deal with the strange events that may soon take place.

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Cosmic Warfare

by Dr. Chuck Missler

We all know the Jimmy Stewart Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Every year we get to watch George Bailey grow up in Bedford Falls, and every year we empathize with his years of frustration. One particular Christmas Eve, George’s uncle has lost $8000 of company money, and George is facing bankruptcy and jail. In a moment of hopelessness, he makes a heartfelt prayer to God for help before contemplating suicide. In answer, Clarence the angel is sent to help George. Clarence is a funny little old man — a one-time clockmaker. When George wishes that he’d never been born, Clarence grants him his wish, and George is given a different perspective on his own role in the bigger scheme of things. He discovers that the life he’d found so disappointing has actually changed the whole town for good. Because George Bailey lived, countless other lives were saved. It’s a wonderful tale of hope for each of us.

Of course, angels do not look like Clarence in real life. The movie has several incorrect ideas about angels, including the famous little saying, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” Angels are not humans who have died, whether sweet old clockmakers who read Tom Sawyer, or otherwise.

We are victims of what I call modern mythology. I considered Angels in the Outfield a colorful movie and enjoyable entertainment, but it obviously gives audiences an entirely incorrect portrayal about what angels really are. Movies are a particularly guilty vehicle for promoting these myths. No one takes the angels in these movies seriously, but that’s just the point. There’s nothing silly about angels in real life. We need to have a sober sense of the truth about these beings.

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