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The Hybrid Age


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Upcoming Conference

Strategic Perspectives Conference

Coeur d’Alene, ID, October 23–25

This year’s Strategic Perspectives Conference will help you see and plan for the coming 12–18 months. Do not follow the rest of society as they succumb to the deception that permeates society—come and attend the conference that will give you some clear understanding and direction on what is really going on.

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New Bible Study

The Mystery of Melchizedek

In Genesis 14, after the Battle of the Nine Kings, Abram encounters a fabulous paersonage who was both king and priest. Who is Melchizedek?

Recently Bob Cornuke asked me to join him in Israel to do some research for his book, Temple, and so Ron Matsen and Louis Powell joined me to go exploring under the City of David (“Zion”). We were guests of Eli Shukron from the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

While there we found a stele (see photo, below) that potentially could eclipse anything else we might have found: it may have been erected by Melchizedek himself!

A stele is a slab, usually oblong, not forming part of a structure but set up in a vertical position, for votive purposes or as a memorial to some person or event. (“Votive”: offered, given, undertaken, or performed or dedicated in fulfillment of, or in accordance with, a vow.)

We may have encountered a vastly more significant discovery than anything we could have imagined!

The Mystery of Melchizedek

In Genesis 14, after returning from his remarkable victory following the Battle of the Nine Kings, Abram (later, Abraham) encountered this fabulous personage who was both king and priest of Salem (Jerusalem).

Astonishingly, we note that Abram gave him tithes, and he, in turn, administered bread and wine to Abram! Who is he? And why does he receive tithes? The theme of the bread and wine also finds its echo throughout the Scriptures, climaxing with the Lord’s Supper.

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The Middle East

A Man-Made Disaster

The decisions made a century ago are affecting us today. Are events in Iraq only a foreshadowing of a greater Islamic Caliphate?

The stunning recent military successes by the Islamic militant group ISIS have signaled a sea-change in the region and is causing a fragmentation of the Iraqi and Syrian nations into a Somali-like anarchy. Lebanon and Suez are becoming no-man’s lands, and Jordan is on the brink of revolution. Behind all this tumult is Iran, supporting various rebel factions with the dream of forming a Shia Caliphate in the region, and they are using the Ottoman Empire as a template.

Many were surprised at how quickly sovereign nations fell into chaos, but a look into history would show this realignment of power was inevitable.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement

The recent developments in Iraq have at their root a secret, century-old agreement between two men: one man a British colonel, Mark Sykes, and the other a French consul, George Picot. In what became known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement, these two men agreed upon the division of Ottoman Empire territories in 1916 and changed the face of the region for decades to come.

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New Book

I, Jesus: An Autobiography

This book lets Jesus speak for himself, in his own words as recorded by the New Testament writers. In a sense, we’ve created an autobiography.

I, Jesus: an Autobiography is the rather bold title of a new book that Dr. Chuck Missler and I wrote earlier this year about Jesus of Nazareth. We’re happy to announce that it’s intended to be the first formal textbook published on behalf of the Koinonia Institute’s study program. We hope it will be followed by many others.

Our decision to write this apologetic work sprang from a conversation the two of us had in mid-January of 2014 about the cultural mythology that affects—or, more accurately, infects—our largely Christ-rejecting culture concerning the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

As we were talking, it occurred to us that perhaps we should address the subject of the person of Jesus himself in some depth. The result of those discussions is our new book. We hope that friends of this ministry throughout the world will find it useful.

Our intention is to release the material contained in this work as a printed book, an electronic eBook in a variety of popular formats, a DVD series, and a PowerPoint® presentation suitable for use by teachers of apologetics, which is that branch of systematic theology that deals with the defense of the Christian faith.

Frankly, we wrote I, Jesus: an Autobiography in order to set the record straight. That’s because, chances are, Jesus isn’t who most of the world thinks he is. No matter what you may have read before about this first century rabbi from Nazareth, there’s a good possibility that the average reader has been misinformed.

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New E-Book

The Feasts of Israel

The seven feasts of Moses are not only commemorative historically as they are observed in Judaism, but every detail of these feasts are anticipatory of the person, mission and achievement of the Messiah.

The anti-Semitism of the early Church is one of the great tragedies of history. While the teachings of Jesus came straight from the Hebrew Scriptures, a backlash against ritualistic devotion to the Law developed into a deliberate attempt to steer early Christians away from the Old Testament.

Tensions with the Jews led to severe persecution as the Church became a dominant political institution during subsequent centuries. A wedge was driven between Jews and Christians, although both worshipped the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jewish communities developed a staunch resistance to Jesus as the Messiah, and Christians lost the richness of Jewish history and prophecy, the very foundations of faith in Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we need to discover our Jewish roots. Many of the teachings of Christianity take on deeper insight and meaning when we understand them in a Jewish context, and few places is this more clear than in a study of the feasts of Israel. The seven feasts of Moses are not only commemorative historically as they are observed in Judaism, but every detail of these seven feasts are anticipatory of the person, mission and achievement of the Messiah.

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The Anchor of Our Soul

Hope Against Hope

God allowed me to go through my own Valley of the Shadow of Death so that I could personally experience what it means to have “hope Against Hope.”

I’m so glad to be able to thank each and every one of you who have prayed for me this past year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m convinced I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your prayers.

I also want to praise the Lord for all He has done for me over the past year and a half. It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve learned so much more about His faithfulness.

It all began a year ago January (2013), when I was told I had “malignant melanoma” of the mucous area of my nose (not a skin cancer) and that if I didn’t do certain things (like letting them take my face off) I would die within a few months. But the Lord had other plans for me and that’s the story I want to tell you. I want to encourage you that if He can do these things in my life, He can also do them in yours.

My story begins four years ago when I set out to write a book on the subject of “hope,” not only because I saw it as an essential part of the Christian life, but also because I saw many believers struggling in this critical area. So, it seemed like a very timely subject. It took me a year to write the first 300 pages, but even then I knew in my spirit that something was missing. It was not complete. Even when I took the manuscript into the King’s High Way ministry for a review, they were all very sweet and kind, but told me the very same thing—“something is missing. It’s not complete.”

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Upcoming Israel Tours

Israel: The Issachar Tour

Led by Dan Stolebarger

The Issachar Tour: October 29–November 7, 2014

We invite you to join with us as we celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Yeshua, the great I AM as we walk where He walked.

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New Upcoming Tour

Revelation: The Seven Churches & Patmos

Led by Dan Stolebarger

November 8–15, 2014

The book of Revelation … mysterious? Some stay away from it because of all the “types” and “images” but most are fascinated. Jesus made it clear that we need to be awake; we need to watch and we need to not be deceived! Because of that command this book is a MUST!

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Praise God! Wonderful news about Nancy:

Months ago Nancy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and she has had surgery to remove the cancer. Following tests had shown that the malignant melanoma had returned, but recent tests and scans show that the cancer is gone!

Read the update from Nancy at the King’s High Way website!

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