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The Book of Daniel: Daniel 9

by Dr. Chuck Missler

Daniel 9 is probably one of the most pivotal chapters in the entire Bible for understanding end-time prophecy. That may seem like an exaggeration, but after seeing what’s packed into this chapter it will be easier to understand why that perspective is held by so many.

Daniel 9 is only one of twelve chapters, so we should start with some context. The first six chapters are historical. In those chapters we read that Daniel is deported from Israel after the Babylonian conquest. He encounters King Nebuchadnezzar, correctly interprets his dream, and is promoted as a result. Then we see Daniel’s rivals trying to “undo” his three friends in the fiery furnace episode.

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the world at that time, writes chapter four of Daniel in which he recounts his lesson from God about pride. That makes Nebuchadnezzar the only Gentile writer in the Old Testament. Next, the fall of Babylon to Darius leads us into the Persian Empire period.

After the first six chapters, we have six chapters that are a collection of Daniel’s visions. They are, in a sense, appended at the end of the history. They’re not in chronological order; the chapters appear as a group.

In the first chapter of that group, chapter seven, we have the times of the Gentiles. In chapter eight, the ram and the goat are described in a vision about the career of Alexander the Great as he defeats the Persians. That leads us into chapter nine and the seventy weeks.

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by Gunnar Johnson

One night during the 2017 Strategic Trend Conference I went out to dinner with a guy who was also around 40 years old and fueled by a passion for the Lord. He was full of Biblical insights and passion for life. To my surprise, his story of connection with Chuck Missler was one launched out of a personal, heartbreaking tragedy and quest to disprove the existence of God. Probably a lot like you, I love a good agnostic-to-Christ-follower story.

My name is Adam. I grew up in Florida with a family that believed in God, the God of the Bible. As a young man I called myself a Christian but I wasn’t a very good one. The older I got, the further away from God I got. It took me a while to figure that out. First I had to realize that the God of the Bible was the true God.

Jesus said, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him”. So God threw in his net and drew me out and He used two key people to do it. My older brother Brian and Chuck Missler.

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