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Exploring the roots of the celebration of Halloween.

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Please continue to pray for Nancy!

The melanoma is back, not only on her nose, but also in her lungs. She has begun treatment using a brand new drug specifically designed for melanoma cancer. She is also using several natural therapies. She continues to rely on the Lord for healing, just as she has been all along.

Read the full updates about Nancy at the King’s High Way website.

Upcoming Conference

Strategic Perspectives Conference

This year’s Strategic Perspectives Conference will help you see and plan for the coming 12–18 months. Do not follow the rest of society as they succumb to the deception that permeates society—come and attend the conference that will give you some clear understanding and direction on what is really going on.

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A Painful Assessment

The Encroaching Darkness

As the centroid of geopolitical power on the Planet Earth continues its shift westward, you can also see a cloud of spiritual darkness emerging on our eastern horizon.

We continue to see corruption everywhere: throughout the highest levels of government, in our entertainments, in our schools, and even in many of our churches. Many of those in the corridors of power should be incarcerated for treason—legislators that sign bills they haven’t read; executives who are allowed to ignore the laws; judges who reverse juries, amend laws, and indulge in social engineering; and, leaders who fail to exhibit the most elementary ethical conduct.

The entertainment industry celebrates every imaginable evil and attacks all the family values which God has established for our welfare. And the educational establishment deliberately dumbs down and corrupts our youth.

There was a day when you could rely on the fiduciary posture of your advisors, counselors, and professionals. Today that would be naïve and hazardous.

Every day the litany of unconstitutional abuses continues unabated. Every day self-destructive polices extend their reach. Every day it grows darker. Every day the debts grow larger; they are already beyond any semblance of reality.

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Global Pestilence

Ebola: A Modern-Day Plague

The Ebola virus harkens back to Biblical plagues that tormented and tested people. While we tend to ridicule the Egyptians for their folly, it is important to recognize that we are tempted to worship false deities as well.

On July 25, 2014 Nigerian health authorities confirmed a diagnosis of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in a patient who died at a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, after traveling from Liberia on July 20. The report marks the first Ebola case in Nigeria linked to the current outbreak in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

This recent outbreak was first reported in late March 2014. As of September 25, 2014, according to WHO, a total of 6,263 cases and 2,917 deaths (case fatality 55–60%) had been reported in West Africa.

What is Ebola?

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The Economy

How Interest Rates Rule the World

Trillions have been stolen, with trillions more still at risk. Public confidence is the critical enabler that keeps the crime in motion. If that fails, the charade comes to an end. Staying informed is imperative.

Is there a topic more dry and uninteresting than interest rates? What if I told you that behind a simple rate of interest there is today a conspiracy? Would it help if you were drawn in by a tale of felony theft or white-collar crime on a scale never before imagined? If you thought that the details of the Bernie Madoff trial were intriguing, or that Jeffrey Skilling, the mastermind behind the Enron scandal, kept you on the edge of your seat, perhaps the topic of interest rates wouldn’t be so boring after all. If the word “retirement” has crossed your mind or will do so in the next 10 years, your self-interest should be piqued. In truth there is far more at stake today with a yield curve than with the curved blades of a hundred radical assassins.

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2 Timothy 3:1-5

Perilous Times

In Chapter 3 of Paul’s second letter to timothy, he lists 18 characteristics of the “perilous times” to come in the “last days”.

The apostle Paul experienced many forms of opposition. During Paul’s second imprisonment in Rome he writes to his disciple Timothy. In 2 Timothy chapter 3 Paul warns, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.” Paul certainly had vast experience with personal “perilous times,” as he explained to the church at Corinth. I think it is safe to say that traveling with Paul was risky business.

At the time he was writing his second letter to Timothy, Paul was in Rome after the Great Fire of 64 AD, in which more than three-fourths of the city was destroyed. As a result of Nero’s persecution, Christians were blamed for the event and brutally martyred.

What could be worse? In chapter 3 of this letter Paul lists 18 characteristics of the “perilous times” to come in the “last days.”

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The Anchor of Our Soul

Hope Against Hope: Part 2

Hope is like a golden cord connecting us to heaven. The more we cling to this cord, the more we can allow the Lord to bear the weight of our burdens and to draw us closer to Him.

Have you ever felt hopeless? Have you ever felt like you are literally walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death? Have you ever felt like you wanted to run, but there was nowhere else to go? You pray and you pray and you pray, but the Lord just doesn’t seem to answer. Instead, everything gets worse and worse.

Over the next few months, I want to write some articles about the incredible blessings of HOPE. What hope really is; why it’s so vitally important; and, how hope is our only “anchor” when everything else around us is crashing and burning. God is not only the Author of all Love, the Bible is also His message of “hope” to a dying world.

My motive for writing these articles is simple: I see hopelessness everywhere; not just in non-believers, but wide-spread in the Christian Body. And, since I am living in a similar hopeless situation right now, I want to use my own experience to help others walk through their difficult times without falling away, but instead letting those same circumstances push them even closer to the Lord.

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