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Koinonia Institute Expanded

In 2005, Koinonia House launched the Koinonia Institute fulfilling a dream of Chuck Missler to promote Biblical literacy among 21st century Christians. In the past, Koinonia Institute had 3 basic levels of membership, each with its own cost: Monthly KI Membership, Yearly KI Membership, and Lifetime KI Membership. Since its inception, Koinonia Institute has greatly grown in membership and available study courses. In honor of his memory and in keeping with his dream, we have made some exciting new changes that we feel will expand the availability of the teaching ministry of Koinonia House through the facilities of Koinonia Institute.

Now you can join Koinonia Institute for FREE.

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Small Groups Initiative

Koinonia House is dedicated to assisting the serious Bible student in becoming an effective ambassador for Christ1. Dr. Chuck Missler has often said that “the greatest place to grow in your Christian walk is in a small group where there is intimacy, accountability, and trust.” Chuck has also quoted the American writer Mark Twain, “The two most important events in your life is the day you were born and the day you found out why.” For Christians, the discovery of your calling should be an event that coincides with being Born Again.
Put simply, it is expressed in Christ’s Great Commission.2

Share the Wealth

In August 2016, Koinonia Institute began a special offer allowing you to start an official KI Small Group using the “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” (LTB24H) instructional material. This is available free-of-charge through the Koinonia Institute online school.
The purpose of this initiative is to:

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Experience the Bible in 3D

BASE1 Tours is a Bible adventurers dream. It is the renewal of a passion for Bible-related tours that was sparked by Chuck Missler years ago. These new excursions with BASE Tours are intended to:

  • Demonstrate that the Bible is reliable and very worthy of serious study
  • Provide an intense opportunity for personal spiritual growth
  • Introduce you to the customs, language, food, and hospitality of other cultures
  • Reaffirm the sound basis for supporting Israel

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Better Connection to K-House Materials

At Koinonia House, we’re constantly looking to improve our systems, customer service and access to our resources. Behind the scenes we have many projects on the go and here’s a peek at what’s coming up.

Resource Library Overhaul and Upgrade

As consumer technology advances, we now find that many of our resources that looked great on CRT televisions are not looking that hot on modern HD LCD and 4K televisions. So, we are in the process of re-capturing and remastering most of our content up to HD. While DVDs do not support HD, our Video Downloads and on-demand videos will be upgraded. Anyone who has purchased the video downloads, will be able to re-download the video files in HD once they are completed. We are also transcribing and adding English subtitles to our videos which not only benefit the hearing impaired, but also, the many people who find Chuck sometimes talks a little too quickly. Having subtitles helps.

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Growing our Outreach through Social Media

The world is in the midst of an information revolution. For many, the use of the internet has created an unparalleled opportunity to create “one language” by which people everywhere can communicate with each other. Some have even gone so far as to see this global movement as a giant step in reversing the “Tower of Babel”1 effect.

As of the end of January 2020, there are more than 4.4 billion social media users2 which represents more than 56% of the world’s population. Social Media is a general term that applies to any websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. On average, people have 7+ social media accounts and spend close to 2 hours a day on social media.

The global statistics of internet use are staggering. As of January 2020, there are more than 1.8 billion websites, 2.4 billion Facebook users, 782 million Google accounts, 355 million Twitter accounts, and 272 million Pinterest users.3

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Koinonia Enterprise Initiative

Koinonia House has been a leader in providing Bible study materials in various media formats for over forty years. Through this long-term experience we have developed many processes and capabilities that have allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of media distribution. Our North American distribution center in Post Falls, Idaho has amazing sales, customer service, media replication, warehouse, and shipping capabilities. Therefore, our vision is to use our acquired expertise to support other like-minded ministries by providing website development/management and product fulfillment services.

Currently we are serving:

  • B.A.S.E. Institute – the Ministry of Bob Cornuke
  • Jeremiah Films – Continuing the plus 40-year legacy of providing Christian documentaries
  • Caryl Productions – “Wide is the Gate” – the Ministry of Caryl Matrisciana
  • CSN International – Syndicated Christian Radio Network
  • Many more
    to come later in 2020

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