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Taking the Challenge: Unless They Hear

Unless they Hear Outreach began from a challenge Chuck Missler gave for me to “Raise the bar in my Christian Walk...”


The mission of Unless They Hear Outreach is to share the Gospel in remote areas of the world using MP3 players that play the Bible. These audio Bibles have a built-in battery that can be recharged using a solar charger so they can be used anywhere in the world. Instead of reading the Bible, the listener hears the words of the Bible in their own heart language, the language their mother taught them. The MP3 players are used to establish small groups who study the Bible. Our “teacher-Box” (t-Box) has speakers which are loud enough for thirty or more people to listen together but fits in the palm of your hand. We have partnered with several ministries, including KI, which allows us to include Bible teaching on our audio Bibles. While the targeted groups are people who cannot read, anyone can participate in listening to the Bible this way.

The idea is not new. Building small groups who study the Bible together is the basic building blocks used by most churches and mission workers. KI uses small groups studying the Bible together in each of their courses. The audio Bible becomes the listener’s personal Bible. The t-Box becomes the small group’s teacher. We even have an FM transmitter used to transmit to small villages so anyone can begin hearing the gospel using an FM radio. All our audio Bibles include an FM radio. Everything is done using audio devices, not printed material. It is all based on “unless they hear they cannot know Christ” (Romans 10:14). Our “new and improved” method takes an existing technology (MP3 players) and uses it to bring lost people to Jesus. Our website is www.unlesstheyhear.org. Click on the link “Unless They Hear Video” to see and hear how it all works.

We began delivering audio Bibles in July of 2010. In the beginning, we thought whole villages would accept Christ, but our experience has revealed a different pattern. The first reports we received were from Ghana, West Africa, but the same pattern is confirmed everywhere. Instead of the whole village getting saved, the first report is that families are changed inside the home. More than one report shared that husbands have stopped beating their wives and getting drunk. Then, they started listening to the audio Bible with their wives. Later, the family joins a small study group. And then, after a few months, the family accepts Jesus. Our audio Bibles bring conviction of sin, repentance from sin and acceptance of Jesus as payment for sin.

Unless They Hear Outreach also provides our audio Bibles in Muslim areas and other Christian-restrictive countries. Since it is hard to tell whether a young Muslim person is listening to music or the Bible when using our audio Bibles, the MP3 device is working in these areas. We expected people in remote areas of the world to listen to the Bible at night when they returned from working in the fields all day. To our surprise, many wear the audio Bible necklace as they work. Some have created their own outreach and share our audio Bibles with others. One group smuggles our audio Bibles into Cuba. Chuck Missler’s teaching is heard in Cuba on our audio Bibles! This is something we never expected to happen. We share the stories and photos of our mission trips in our book, Some Sent, Some Went, So Some Could Repent.

Chuck Missler’s challenge to raise the bar in my Christian walk came at a horrible time in my life. For many years, I was a stock broker and the owner of a tax and investment business. Almost ten years ago, I made a bad business decision. I purchased interests in landfill gas wells that produced tax credits from businessmen who I thought were trustworthy. I shared what I did with many of my clients, friends, family and my peers. My peers shared it with their clients.

After years, the people I trusted were indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced for fraud. Everyone who used the tax credits were required to repay the IRS with interest. It totaled millions of dollars. I was accused by the Department of Justice as being part of this deception. I was also one of many who were named in a class action lawsuit. By the grace of God, I finally conquered my legal battles; I lost my business, reputation, many friends, and family relationships were scarred. I was at the lowest point in my life.

When I was in my darkest day, when I thought my life was over, when I couldn’t feel God’s guidance, when I felt abandoned, lost, deserted, forsaken, and I thought I could not go on—when I did not know what to do, I begged God, “Please give me the strength to find my purpose. Please, God help me endure this pain. I can’t make it. What can I do? Please, take this pain away.”

It was at this very moment one day, while I was driving, that I flipped on a radio program where Dr. Chuck Missler was ending a teaching. I had never heard of Chuck Missler. I am not sure what Bible book or topic Chuck was teaching on. I only heard a few minutes, but I will never forget what questions he asked. “Are you a Christian? What have you done with it?”

As if Chuck’s words came from God and were directed specifically at me, I felt a dagger stab deep into my heart. But Chuck continued, “Our purpose at K-House is to help Christians raise the bar in their Christian walk and find their purpose. We want to help you find God’s purpose for your life.”

KI was God’s answer to my prayer. From that introduction, I began to take KI Bible courses. As long as I was studying the Bible with KI, my pain from my legal situation did not seem so bad. I survived the worst attack on my life because Chuck gave me a challenge and God gave me the strength to pursue it. Chuck’s challenge has resulted in my going on many mission trips, helping lead more than a thousand people to Christ, sending audio Bibles and starting small groups in 18 different languages and in 24 countries.

Don’t stop challenging us Chuck! We all need it!


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