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Strategic Perspectives Fruits of Our Greatest Conference Ever

Wow! Our conference was great this year. We expect our Strategic Perspective Conference to continue to grow in magnitude and in quality. This is due in a very large part to our hard working staff, our exceptional audio/visual team, our great speakers

Bible Study The Love of God

What Love is this? Is it a sincere desire motivated by a strong attraction? It is a serious devotion evidenced by undying attention? Or is it a deep emotion fueled by an enduring affection?

Hope Against Hope Trusting God in the Darkness: Part 2

Hebrews encourages us to “lay hold of the hope that is set before us,” as it is the only way we might have strong consolation and refuge in our difficult times.

Koinonia Institute Small Group Fellowship – (KISGF)

Something new has been birthing over the past few months at KI. We have always believed in the power and effectiveness of Small Groups but the question was always how could we develop our groups globally.


Archived articles categorized by topic and sub-topic.

Getting Started – 1 articles

Learn about the Bible, from the basics to advanced studies, and how to more effectively make it part of your everyday life.

Subcategories: Growth

Bible Study – 195 articles

Designed to enrich your Bible Study time, and provide practical tools and insights to help you develop a greater understanding of the Scriptures.

Subcategories: Israel, Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Doctrine, Topical, Holidays, Christian Living, Prophecy, Special Article, Second Coming, Physics, End-Times, Creation, Koinonia Institute

Current Events – 240 articles

How do events occurring in the world around us relate to Biblical principles, and Biblical prophecy?

Subcategories: America, Political, Middle East, Environment, International, Excerpts from Missler Report, Israel, Koinonia Institute, Christian Living, Growth, End-Times, Finances, Warfare, Topical

Nan's Corner – 235 articles

Nancy Missler helps illuminate the many truths of God's love for us, and how we can come to know our Lord more deeply than ever before.

Subcategories: Be Ye Transformed, Against the Tide, Growth, Faith in the Night Seasons, The Key, Way of Agape, Seven Fold Spirit of God, Private Worship, Never Give Up!, Reflections of His Image, The Kingdom, Power and Glory, Christian Living, King's High Way, Never Give Up, Faith

Prophetic – 44 articles

In-depth examinations of Biblical prophecies of both the Old and New Testaments. Insights into how these prophecies relate to current and future events.

Subcategories: End-Times, Rapture, International, Israel, Warfare, Middle East

Technical – 125 articles

The Lord knows more about Space and Time than we do, and He shares His insights with us. Numerous examples of how science is supporting (rather than disproving) Biblical truths.

Subcategories: Resurrection, Physics, Space-Time, Archaeology, Bible Codes, Bio-Tech, Creation, Environment, Christian Living, Special Article, Warfare, Current Events

Christian Doctrine – 7 articles

Doctrinal issues affect the way we live our Christian lives. Explore topical studies in this section.

Subcategories: End-Times, Israel, Christian Living

Archaeology – 1 articles

Archaeology offers unique insights into the Biblical record. Explore some of the more interesting historical finds with us!

Subcategories: Creation

Personal – 215 articles

The Word of the Lord applies to your personal life, and is critical for promoting strong spiritual and emotional growth. Find out how!

Subcategories: Spiritual Warfare, Growth, Faith, Holidays, Christian Living, Finances, Koinonia Institute, Israel

Holidays – 4 articles

Discover the true meaning behind our traditional holidays.

Subcategories: America, Christian Living, Physics

From Our Mailbag – 27 articles

Answers to questions sent in by our readers.

Subcategories: Topical, King's High Way

Political – 29 articles

American and International politics from a Biblical perspective!

Subcategories: Current Events, Israel, International, End-Times, America, Christian Living, Environment, Finances

Nephilim – 1 articles

Explore this controversial subject, and gain a Biblical context to the modern fascination with aliens and UFOs.

Subcategories: Special Article


Archived articles categorized by year of publication.

1993 – 2 articles

1994 – 8 articles

1995 – 25 articles

1996 – 36 articles

1997 – 49 articles

1998 – 36 articles

1999 – 52 articles

2000 – 69 articles

2001 – 74 articles

2002 – 53 articles

2003 – 52 articles

2004 – 60 articles

2005 – 55 articles

2006 – 62 articles

2007 – 65 articles

2008 – 70 articles

2009 – 64 articles

2010 – 67 articles

2011 – 70 articles

2012 – 66 articles

2013 – 62 articles

2014 – 63 articles

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