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The Key 'The Real Problem'

Our Digital Universe? Quantum Teleporting: Part 1

The Attack on our Rights: What Delicate Balance? Part 1

A Letter for Today Encouragement in Distress

A Challenge for the New Year: A Path to the Greatest Discovery

Your Questions Answered by the King's High Way Far From Perfect


What's Really Going On? The Antichrist Doesn't Wear Tights

Thy Kingdom Come: The Millennium

The Key: Presenting Ourselves as Living Sacrifices

Your Questions Answered by The King's High Way Letting Go of Fear and Worry

Quantum Teleporting, Part 2: Our Holographic Universe

Revival on the Horizon? The Vision


A Textual Surprise: The Empty Tomb

The Key: Denying Ourselves

In Defenso Fedei: The Rapture Myth

The Eschatological Epistles: 1st and 3rd Thessalonians

The Crucial Perspective: The Times of the Signs


Israel and the PLO: The Media (BBC) vs. Reality

A New Kind of War: 'Kahwump!'

The Key: Get Up and Do in Action What God Says

Biblical Archaeology: Paul's 'Miracle at Malta'


An Urgent Resource for Today: The Danger of False Ideas - Colossians

The Key: Four Essential Steps

To the U.S. Senate: An Appeal on Israel's Behalf

The Garden Tomb Association: Tomb for Sale


Dangerous Myths: Astrology

Undiscovered Treasures: Two 'Minor' Prophets

The Modern History Behind the Middle East Crisis

The Key: Recognizing our Self-Centered Thoughts

Myths of our Times: Believing the Unbelievable


The Concise Ones: The Minor Prophets

The Key: Confessing, Repenting and Forgiving

The Roots of War, Part 1: The Islamic Conquests

Russia and the New World Order: Learning the Troika

Upheaval in Physics: History of the Light-Speed Debate


Socialism or Fascism? Communism Is Not Dead!

The Most Neglected Book: The Most Important Book - Leviticus

The Key Unconditionally Forgiving Others

The Roots of War, Part 2: The Magog Identity


The Roots of War, Part 3: The Steppes of History

From Our Mailbag: Traditional Standards

The Key: Give All to God


Private Worship: The Key to Joy

An Alternative View: The Return of Nimrod?

The Key: Reading God's Word (Step #4)

A Banned Book: The Book of Judges


An Alternate Ending: Part 2 Antichrist from the Middle East?

Will We See Christs Return? The Last Generation

The Key: Conclusion

In Awe of Winter: Why Does Ice Float?


How Good a Scientist Are You? The Kitchen Laboratory

Against the Tide - Introduction: Getting Beyond Ourselves

Rapture Questions Continue Our Blessed Hope

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