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Topical Bible Study: Creation/Evolution


Has modern science proven that life on earth evolved from primordial soup, or have scientific discoveries increasingly shown the intelligent design of the universe?

Join Chuck Missler as he explores this controversial subject and compares the facts from the disciplines of Biblical exegesis, physics, computer and information sciences and biology.


In the Beginning There Was...Information

Dr. Stephen Meyer joins Chuck Missler in reviewing some of the revealing insights from microbiology and the information sciences on the evidences of design in the origin of life.

The Divine Watchmaker

Modern Microbiology has revealed that even the simplest organisms are complex machines beyond our imagining.

The Creator Beyond Time and Space

As scientists begin to understand the interactions of basic forces, they discover an unending series of incredible interdependencies, delicately balanced.

The Grand Adventure

The precision found in our world has long been considered miraculous - as though the earth were purposely created to support life. Coincidence or Design?

Stretching The Heavens

Was the universe really created in six days? How do we explain galaxies whose light has traveled toward us for over 100 million years?


Inherit the Wind: Reaping the Whirlwind

Inherit the Wind grossly distorted the Scopes trial to advance an agenda...

Science and the Bible: Cosmos and Creator

Not only is the existence of God inexcusably evident, but the invisible attributes of God can also be discerned with an examination of creation.

Divine Engineering: Unraveling DNA's Design

We've all been exposed to the basic concepts of DNA and its double-helix structure in our high school biology classes, but were most likely not taught the incredible design it evidences.

The Code of Blood

The famed double-helix DNA typically includes three billion rungs of a digital, error-correcting code. An effective digital code demands careful, skillful design.

Elegance by Accident? - Chance as the Master Architect?

The premise that we are all simply the accidental result of random chance underlies our entire culture, not just biology.

Q & A with Chuck Missler: What is the 'Gap Theory' and is it valid?

The so-called 'Gap Theory' is a conjecture about a possible interval between the first two verses in Genesis 1...

Darwinism vs Design: The Human Genome

Two different articles on 2-16-01featured scientists reacting to the genome-mapping project, and the reactions directly contradicted each other.

Pow! Splat! Take That, You Darwin Disparagers!

Though the Supreme Court outlawed the teaching of creationism in public schools 15 years ago, that hasn't stopped school boards from finding creative ways to smuggle it into the classroom.

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Genesis - MP3 Commentary - Chuck Missler

Recent breakthroughs in the fields of physics, technology and biology led Chuck Missler to update and re-record this wonderful study in Genesis.

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