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It's a KI Free-for-All!

In 2005, Koinonia House launched the Koinonia Institute fulfilling a dream of Chuck Missler to promote Biblical literacy among 21st century Christians. In the past, Koinonia Institute had 3 basic levels of membership, each with its own cost: Monthly KI Membership, Yearly KI Membership, and Lifetime KI Membership. Since its inception, Koinonia Institute has greatly grown in membership and available study courses.

In honor of his memory and in keeping with his dream, we have made some exciting new changes that we feel will expand the availability of the teaching ministry of Koinonia House through the facilities of Koinonia Institute.

Now you can join Koinonia Institute for FREE!

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An Opportunity of a Lifetime

As I returned to my home, I placed the little wooden memento next to my bed and promptly forgot about it as, ultimately, it represented a failure to purchase the model airplane I had hoped for. In the passing years as I grew older, I would come across this little plaque. I would pause and ponder its meaning. I would then slip it back into a safe hiding place only to be discovered over and over again.

It was during my turbulent teens that this little plaque would reemerge at a time when I was musing on the meaning and direction of my life. Raised in a Christian home, I had made a public commitment to Jesus as Savior and Lord as a very young age. Typically, I didn’t really do much with my Christian profession except to regularly attend church with my family.

“Only one life...” the verse began. Perhaps the crisis I was feeling at that time was the recognition that my life was finite. “Only what’s done for Christ will last” it continued. The verse concluded with a power-packed punch that left me breathless.

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