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An Open Opportunity

In September of 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) officially opened its doors to tourists. Previously, travel to the Kingdom was almost entirely restricted to expatriate workers, those with business visas, and religious pilgrims visiting the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. As soon as I heard of this new development, I jumped onto the KSA Visitor's website and made my application to travel to this previously forbidden destination.

The Importance of Independent Investigation

Ever since reading Bob's book, “Mountain of Fire” back in 2001, I have been exploring and examining every bit of information, articles, or pictures I could find concerning the evidence for the Biblical Exodus account.

There are certain key events recorded in Scripture that provide the fundamentals for our faith in the Biblical narrative. The early Church pointed to the Cross and the Resurrection as irrefutable proof that Jesus Christ was the only one who provides our salvation.

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The Return to Mount Sinai

It had been thirty-two years since I ventured into the blistering Saudi Arabian desert with Larry Williams. I never really thought I would ever be allowed to return to that mysterious mountain the locals call Jabaal Musa (Mountain of Moses). But there I was with Ron Matsen and his son Ben, along with movie producer Jim Schmidt. In February of 2020, we saw an opening to visit and explore what many have come to call the Real Mount Sinai. Being there again seemed quite surreal.

Thirty-two years earlier, Larry and I caused a real sensation when we brought back photographic images of that black-peaked mountain. Many began to question if those burnt appearing stones atop the mountain could actually be the result of God descending on Mount Sinai in flames like a furnace. Many other landmarks photographed then matched in startling alignment with what the Bible had described in the book of Exodus. Back then, we were arrested and even threatened with death.
A handy bit of ingenuity brought about a daring escape, but unfortunately, much of the film taken then had to be discarded in the desert. That escape of sorts was the reason we had a movie producer from Hollywood along with us on this trip into the Saudi Kingdom. Jim was doing research and scouting potential locations for filming of a major motion picture about our exploits. The movie, “The Mountain of Fire” was in the final stages of pre-production.

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The Real Mt. Sinai?

Article first published March 1, 1998

Bob Cornuke,1 a dear friend, visited us this past week and shared with us one of his recent adventures, which parallels several previous surreptitious visits to Saudi Arabia and clearly appears to corroborate some surprising discoveries. Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams managed - by means we will defer discussing here - to spend some time in Saudi Arabia and made it a point to check out an astounding theory about the Exodus in the Bible.

Most people understand that Mount Sinai is Jebel Musa, in the Sinai Peninsula, where the Monastery of St. Catherine's is located. Look at any competent Bible atlas, and it will probably include a “?” since that location is traditional, but speculative. There are a number of tenuous conjectures associated with this location and numerous books have been written suggesting alternative candidates, among them Jebel Helal further north in the Sinai Peninsula, or Jebel Serbal, in the south. Another candidate is Har Karkom, known to the Bedouins as Jebel Ideid, also in the north.2 None of these, all in the Sinai Peninsula, have any real archaeological evidence supporting them.

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