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The Tomb of Hyrcanus II? A Journey of Discovery & Disclosure

Our hearts were pounding as we slipped over the side of a shallow grotto at the edge of the Abraham's House complex. Having finished leading our 2019 B.A.S.E. Tour of Israel, Bob Cornuke wanted me to see a previously undocumented tomb in the upper Silwan area of the Mount of Olives. His investigation began in 2015 and he had often spoken of it during the intervening years. Now the time had arrived, at last, for us to examine his finding together. As we crawled through the tiny opening, we found what might be a key to unlocking a pivotal period in Jewish history.

Outside of the Tomb.
Above: Outside of the Tomb.
A map of Second Temple Jerusalem

A map of Second Temple Jerusalem and the location of various tombs. The inscription was found in the tomb highlighted by a black circle (drawn by Omri Abadi).

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