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Aliens, Angels and the End Times Deception

The appetite for aliens has once again been heightened by the most frequent news releases by the mainline media. In a world struggling under the stress of increasing global threats, the beleaguered masses may be looking for outside help to rescue mankind.

Breaking the Silence or Boosting the Support?

According to Fox News, the former Director of ATTIP, Luiz Elizondo said, “The Pentagon has admitted that a US Navy destroyer captured an eerie night-vision footage of mysterious flashing objects flying above it and another warship.”1 The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was an investigatory effort funded by the United States Government to study unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP). Officially, it conducted its research from 2007 until 2012. Its findings were then made public in 2017 and have slowly been shared with the public over the last four years.

I think it is safe to say that with both illusionists and politicians, timing is everything. Using “false flags” is a way of diverting attention away from the impending dilution. Are we witnessing the pre-ingredients of the end times deception spoken of so many times in the Bible?

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Cosmic Deception

A deception of cosmic proportions is coming. It won’t be just a false doctrine, a defective world-view, or one of the tragic “isms” so prevalent today. It will include a comprehensive global leadership backed by supernatural powers and capabilities that will overwhelm the imagination of the world at large. And it will be authenticated by miracles—great signs and lying wonders.

The Bible has more to say about this coming period than it does about any other period of history, including the time when Jesus walked the shores of Galilee and climbed the mountains of Judea. Much has been written, from many viewpoints, about the conditions which will be pending at the “end times” as predicted in the Bible. Few things are as controversial. But if one considers the texts seriously, some clear perspectives emerge. We believe that the arrival and involvement of “aliens” will likely play a key role.

The Intimate Briefing

Four disciples approached Jesus privately to inquire about his Second Coming, and this resulted in a detailed answer which is so important that it is recorded in three of the four Gospels.1 Jesus opened this famous discourse with the admonition,

“Take heed that no man deceive you”

Matthew 24:4

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