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Last month’s article On Acceptance received by far the greatest number of email responses for which its author is grateful. A sample (with minor edits) of these emails follows:

I am seeing too many that just say “(T)hat’s the way I am!” who just move on not really growing in the image of Christ. (T)hey may do their devotions and read the Bible, but I see so many not changing.

 – RM from California

I thank our Lord for guiding you to be bold and opening our minds to these truths through this article (so) that we pick up the Sword and keep contending for our Faith.

– EF from Mexico

Rather than “caving in” to the current calls for tolerance and acceptance, I am praying for ideas on how to lead people towards a Godly worldview and repentance. Do you have any suggestions or recommended resources along these lines?

– LE from Alabama

I preach at a small fellowship here in France, and with your permission I would like to use parts of your article.

– AD from France

The thread “Yes, but how?” connects these emails along with so many others we received. If room allowed, I would print from all the emails, each sharing a personal experience or a profound enthusiasm for a fresh perspective on the challenges confronting God’s church today. At the root of these challenges is an unbiblical notion of a call to acceptance – both individually and societally. This article focuses on the societal call for acceptance with issues that dominate our headlines. This author is strongly committed to equipping the Church and encouraging the Saints rather than being drawn into a partisan or secular policy debate. The four readers above reveal these issues cross state and national borders. The political and social climate can be very different from one region or one time zone to another, and I would never presume to know what you should do in your communities. Instead, let’s look at some familiar Bible passages for guidance for the Church.

I am fascinated by the last recorded words of some of the best-known personalities in the Bible. An abridged list follows for your consideration...

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