On Demand

We provide material on-demand both free and via paid subscription.


Our official Youtube Channel for the ministry of Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen. We provide numerous sessions for free via this channel, there are also excerpts from some of our briefing packages and commentaries.

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Free content is available for viewing on our Vimeo channel here...

KHouse TV

KHouse TV

Our newest streaming service. There are free videos, and premium content, which includes access to nearly ALL of the content that we have produced over the years. We have both free content, and a reasonably priced paid subscription.

Visit KHouse TV here, or search in your app store.


We provide our 66/40 program free to radio stations world-wide. If you would like to have 66/40 on your local radio station, then please feel free to give them our email address, radio@khouse.org, and we will be delighted to issue them with a FTP login to download the programs. 

Missed a 66/40 broadcast over the last week? Catch-up now from our playlist... Latest episode added every Monday to Friday!