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Helping Israel

Nothing could have prepared us for the horrors that we were about to witness on the morning of 7 October. As the news services began to report the terrifying attack on innocent Israeli citizens, our hearts were filled with anguish as we considered the seriousness of the situation.

In 2018, my wife Marcie and I traveled to Sderot to personally deliver a donation for their children’s safe play building. We were now seeing pictures of the very place we walked in ruin. The city officials we met, and children we witnessed playing have all been forced out of their homes. The funds for this gift came from our Israel Relief Fund, which is collected from donations given to Koinonia House for the expressed purpose of providing aid to the needs in Israel.

2020 gave K-House another opportunity to use our Israel Relief Fund to come to the aid of friends in an industry that was laid flat on its back during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Israeli government totally closed its door to international travel, a huge portion of the tourism income was deleted. KHouse has very close relationships with many in the Israel tourist business. I believe that is why we can provide such an outstanding tour to the land of the Bible. During the following twenty months of complete isolation with no international tourists, K-House was able to help sustain the livelihood of some of our key people by using funds from the Israel Relief Fund.

Now, in 2023, we have, once again, an opportunity to come to the aid of this war-torn country. As the citizens of northern Israel are being evacuated to the Dead Sea area, they are forced to make their temporary homes in hotels. Once again, we will use the available money in our Israel Relief Fund to support both the personnel and infrastructures that are being affected by this war. Because of our history of helping, we have been specifically asked if we can help fund the purchase of tents to allow schools to be set up in the desert. From what we have been told so far, this need is great and growing...

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Brand Loyalty - A Tribute to a Silent Saint

I believe that the value of one’s personal legacy is measured by the number of people you have helped in Christ during your lifetime. C.T. Stud put it this way, “Only one life, ‘twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

During the afternoon of 16 October, I received a call from the K-House account manager telling me that one of our employees had passed away during the weekend. Paul Brand’s passing ended a lifetime of selfless service to the Kingdom of Christ.

KHouse Team
K-House U.S. office staff in August 2023.

At K-House, Paul was the go-to guy for more than 28 years. If you wanted something done, you enlisted Paul, and you knew that it would get done. He was the epitome of silent, faithful servitude. During the late 1990s, Paul’s primary role was to video record Chuck Missler’s Tuesday night Bible studies. During these early years, video was not seen as the prime source of ministry material for K-House, so Paul’s one-man effort often took a back seat to other media projects. After all, VHS tape duplication was both cumbersome and costly. Radio was king, which meant that the ministry could run on the audio capture of Chuck’s teachings alone. Therefore, at that time, no one really thought that videos of Chuck were all that essential.

Subsequently, Paul would sometimes spend his own money to buy the tapes for these Missler studies. He compounded this difficulty by insisting on making backups of each session, which doubled the cost of archiving these visual presentations. Little did anyone know that this undervalued library would become the priceless treasure trove of the Chuck Missler videos we have today...

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