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Missler Report Broadcasts from Feb/Mar, 2000

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The Missler Report, a daily commentary on news, politics, science, and the arts with internationally known business executive and Bible commentator, Chuck Missler.

Highlights from recent radio broadcasts of The Missler Report with Chuck Missler, host John Loeffler, and various guests with topics ranging from inflation, to apologetics, to gun control.

"The Missler Report" Week of 2/28-3/3/2000: Inflation, Famine, and the Book of Revelation

  • "Most famines are man made." - John Loeffler

  • "We are all familiar with Joseph Stalin, how he starved the people of the Ukraine - starved his own people - to gain control. We find it happening all over...in the Sudan and in Tanzania. It's actually a deliberate policy of the government. What's disturbing is it's exacerbated by the support of the International Monetary Fund." - Chuck Missler

  • "Global inflation is really a mechanism for Socialism. When the IMF makes a loan, it generally goes to the government; it doesn't get filtered in (to the people). It has rarely ever gone to privatized industry in those countries." - J. Loeffler

  • "Inflation - it's not the fact that the products are worth more. It's that the money is worth less, the value of the products remains constant." - J. Loeffler

  • "The mystery of the Federal Reserve deserves investigation by any of our listeners. The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a "reserve." It is a private corporation that placed itself in a position of providing the U.S. government money and maintaining an interest position on all the currency it continues (to lend). Not only do the people suffer by the government printing more money for free, the people end up paying forever the interest in the currency that's been guaranteed." - C. Missler

  • "We are on a global stage of inflation and money will keep devaluing worldwide until we find the conditions that the Book of Revelation ultimately talks about." - J. Loeffler

"The Missler Report" Week of 3/6-3/10/2000: Apologetics and Our Youth

  • " I believe we are sending our teenagers into college and out into the world virtually naked before the wolf - they might have had a lot of Bible studies, but they have no idea how to deal with the issues of today." -John Loeffler

  • "There was a recent college survey done, in 1991, asking college students in America on secular campuses, "Do you believe there are any absolutes?" 67% of the college kids said "NO." That (response) is related to the whole evolutionary/atheistic paradigm." - Mark Eastman

  • "Josh McDowell said this year that the biggest danger we are being taught today is tolerance, because under tolerance all matter of things are excused and other things are condemned." - J. Loeffler

  • "This notion that you have to have tolerance creates a wishy-washy moral foundation upon which today's youth try to build their lives." - M. Eastman

  • "I think the colleges are making a grave mistake when they teach the kids that there are absolutes in mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc., but there are no absolutes in the area of ethics, or beliefs, or morals." - M. Eastman

  • "We are told by Peter, we need to be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us, with meekness and fear. Most people that graduate from high school that go to churches aren't able to do that adequately." - M. Eastman

  • "The things that the world teaches, we have substituted in churches: tolerance for love. God says we are to love our enemies, not tolerate them - there's a big difference. We have accepted feeling in the place of genuine religious experience or a defense of the faith." - J. Loeffler

  • "It's funny, when I was an Evolutionist, I believed in order to become a Christian, I had to check my brain at the door. I was convinced that churches would have to have a depository for your brain that you'd take it out and when you leave you'd get to put it back in. I was amazed to find out that Jesus said we are to worship God with all our heart and all of our mind, that we can bring our minds - our brains - into church and into the arena of ideas and we do have much to state and much to offer the people. That is why I have spent my ministry trying to give reasons and answers to the hope that is in us." - M. Eastman

  • "Your heart follows what your brain acknowledges to be true." - J. Loeffler

  • "I became intellectually convinced in the existence of God, in the Messiahship of Jesus, the historical existence of Jesus, the deity of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ. Once I became intellectually convinced of these things it then went from the brain eighteen inches down to the heart, and then my life was changed." - M. Eastman

"The Missler Report" Week of 3/13 - 3/17/2000: Tribulation, the film by Peter Lalonde

  • "One of the things that impressed me about Tribulation is that it's not a predictable plot. When the movie started, we had to put everything down and we were glued to the movie. There was too much going on, there were too many surprises going on, it captured our 100% attention." - Chuck Missler

  • "The twists and turns and the characters are what people have fallen in love with. I think that is the key thing of fiction. Fiction is not about a series of events; it's about becoming emotionally involved with the characters." - Peter Lalonde

  • "& In terms of budgets, Apocalypse was 1 million dollars; Revelation, 5 million; Tribulation is 9 million. We wouldn't have known how to spend the money on the first movie if we had 9 million dollars. So it's a combination not only of the cash but also of learning the craft. I think we in the Christian community have been pointing out the errors of Hollywood for a long time but we haven't been striving to offer them the real viable alternatives to bring Christian entertainment to a new level. To that, we have to learn as we go." - P. Lalonde

  • "Let's be honest, the money we are spending ends up on the screen of this movie. In a Hollywood budget where it's a 30 million dollar budget, you have to realize they spend half on flying people around in private jets and renting stars a whole floor of a hotel. So maybe only 50% of what Hollywood does ends up on screen, whereas we've been fortunate that in Christian filmmaking it's obviously a lot more modest approach to doing things, which allows us to get a lot better looking film up there for a good amount of money." - P. Lalonde

  • "I can't tell you how pleased we are to see you succeed at this because it has profound implications for the entire community, Christians and non-Christians alike. Hollywood slowly will discover that there's a whole genre or a whole market segment that they've ignored or didn't realize existed. It's a great flick, I endorse it 100%." - C. Missler

  • "Where will Tribulation be available?" - J. Loeffler

  • "We are Canadians, so we have no choice but to do things backward. It's in the [Christian] bookstores now and it will be in the theatres in April or so." - P. Lalonde

"The Missler Report" Week of 3/20- 3/24/2000: Gun Control

  • "The issue of guns is always an inflammatory one here in this country, simply because to a large degree, guns are portrayed as the cause of all crime in the country." - John Loeffler

  • "Last year, there was a major effort in the name of "reasonable gun control" to eliminate gun shows and, in many other ways, restrict people's free exercise of their right to keep and bear arms. Of course, all the while the folks advocating all these restrictions, many of whom I guess just live in a "la-la land," assume that the criminals will obey these gun controls." - Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America

  • "If you can destroy one right by means of regulating it to death, legislating it, and lawsuiting it out of existence, why can't you do it with the other protected rights in the Constitution?" - J. Loeffler

  • "Criminals will not obey the gun control laws, no matter how many you pass. Countries that have passed total gun bans have already discovered that." - J. Loeffler

  • "There is no authority in the Constitution for the Federal Government to be involved in policing alcohol, tobacco, or firearms." - L. Pratt

  • "There are a lot of things that the Federal Government doesn't have authority to do, or are even prohibited to it by the Constitution, that it has ignored over recent times." - J. Loeffler

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Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America can be reached on the Internet at http://www.gunowners.org, or by phone at 1-888-886-GUNS.


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